Military profession: Firearms instructor of combat training group

 01. 01. 2022      category: Military profession
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Part 8 of our mini-series on military expertise shows you the work of the firearms instructor of a combat training group. He takes care of the complete shooting training (theoretical knowledge, control of weapons, shooting, etc.). We would like to thank all the fighters from the 42nd Mechanized Battalion for their excellent cooperation during the filming of this part. You can see what such work of the firearms instructor of a combat training group in the ACR looks like in the following video:

Video: Army profession: Firearms instructor of combat training group | CZ Defence / YouTube

This mini-series aims to acquaint readers more closely with a specific selected military expertise or profession within the Army of the Czech Republic. It should present the content of the activities of individual soldiers performing the profession in a comprehensible form. We would like to thank the Army of the Czech Republic or Ministry of Defence that they allowed us to shoot the series and we believe that our readers will learn a little bit more about some ACR professions.

instruktor_TITPicture: The shooting instructor takes care of theoretical knowledge, weapon control, complete shooting training, etc. | Jan Juřica / CZ Defence

Shooting training has a unique and irreplaceable role in the training of members of the Czech Army. Together with tactical training, it is one of the most important.

Every soldier who goes on duty must have been shot and handled with a weapon. Shooting is valid for three months, but handling only until the end of the following month after execution.

It is necessary to continuously maintain basic shooting skills, which everyone forgets very quickly and which the soldier needs for his job. Most of the training focuses mainly on safe handling and basic shooting habits.

Every commander who deploys his soldier in action is responsible for his readiness. He therefore guarantees that every soldier has met these basic requirements for the performance of service.

 Author: Michal Pivoňka