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 13. 01. 2022      category: Military profession
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Part 9 of our miniseries on military expertise will introduce you to the activities of paratroopers at the 43rd Airborne Regiment (43.vp). This unit is the only unit of its kind in the Army of the Czech Republic. The main activities of the regiment are airborne and aeromobile operations. We would like to thank all the members of the 43rd Airborne Regiment who paid attention to us during the filming of this part. You can see what such work of the paratrooper in the ACR looks like in the following video:

Video: Army profession: Paratrooper | CZ Defence / YouTube

This mini-series aims to acquaint readers more closely with a specific selected military expertise or profession within the Army of the Czech Republic. It should present the content of the activities of individual soldiers performing the profession in a comprehensible form. We would like to thank the Army of the Czech Republic or Ministry of Defence that they allowed us to shoot the series and we believe that our readers will learn a little bit more about some ACR professions.

Airborne operations are among the most complex tasks of the 43rd Airborne Regiment. This type of operation involves the deployment of units on parachutes or by landing with the use of helicopters. Tactical tasks of paratroopers after the jump/landings may be different, but these are usually tasks behind enemy lines, where they often have long-term tasks in which they are dependent only on themselves.

vysadkar_TITPicture: The main activities of the 43rd Airborne Regiment are airborne and aeromobile operations | Jan Juřica / CZ Defence

"Search and destroy" operations are among the traditional tasks of airborne units. Its goal is to establish and maintain contact with enemy groups, if necessary, to persecute them and then carry out their liquidation or capture. In order for the units to be as mobile as possible and able to effectively search for and pursue the enemy, they move with minimal equipment and armament.

Overflow operations in the form of an attack from the backup on the enemy's static target with subsequent withdrawal into its own assembly is another of the activities of the 43.vp. The paratroopers also launch surprise attacks from masked positions on the enemy's moving or temporarily stopped targets.

One of the types of defensive activities that the airborne regiment performs is the so-called delayed fight. It consists mostly of complementary tactical tasks, which are mainly the establishment of blocking positions, the implementation of traps and firefights in order to disrupt the pace and nature of the enemy's activities.

 Author: Michal Pivoňka