Another rotation of soldiers is going to Mali, this time most of them is from Přáslavice

 13. 10. 2019      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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A wider spectrum of tasks as well as higher temperature or, for example, toxic animals await the soldiers of the 2nd Task Force of the Army of the Czech Republic who are going to Mali in November. Last week, the unit passed a certification training in Vyškov, which verified how they were prepared for the Africa’s mission.

Picture: The training was begun on Sunday 29th September |

The 120-member contingent predominantly consists of members of the 72nd Mechanized Battalion from Přáslavice. About half of them were deployed abroad earlier, others are novices, who will collect valuable experience in Africa.

The Czechs act in the EUTM (European Union Training Mission, Mali) in two places – in the Mali’s capital - Bamak, and in the nearby Koulikoro Base. The basis for their activity is protection of the both bases and persons, no matter if within the patrol service or on towers, or within a fast reaction, and further training of the members of the Mali Armed Forces as well as armed convoys.

Picture: Reservists also took part in the exercise |

This will be another difficult mission in Mali

The range of the Mali mission has predetermined the content of scenarios and incidents of the certification exercise named Sahel – there were simulations of complex attacks on the bases, fire alarms, traffic accidents, demonstrations, indirect firing on the bases. Further, a several-day separated action of a team training the Mali Army was carried out. This team also needs proper background and protection.

Picture: The arbiters of the exercise were selected from soldiers who have already passed the mission in Mali |

“The unit has proved its self-discipline and endeavour to be maximally prepared for the tasks in an abroad operation. I feel a big power in the togetherness of the contingent and feel a great personal responsibility. A challenge for me is advancement in the field of my language abilities, managing personnel, planning and organization. I’m looking forward to an environment which is different from Afghanistan,” said Bamako Base assistant commander, First Lieutenant J. V.

Picture: Reaction of the unit to incidents was evaluated on meetings of the managing exercise |

In contrast to the above-mentioned Afghan mission, the soldiers of the Přáslavice Battalion will have to settle in Mali with a wider spectrum of tasks, higher temperature and high humidity, threatens in a form of illnesses and toxic animals, higher demands for the language skills and for the skills of drivers, and also with more crowded conditions on the bases.

Picture: Activities during the attack directed to the gateway |

Reservists helped with the exercise

Not only the managing staff and groups of imitation and incidents from Vyškov were involved in the exercise, but also the arbitrary service consisting of soldiers who had already passed the mission in Mali. The Mali Army was presented by a company of Active Reserve Forces from Plzeň, which thanks to the exercise also passed an interesting training, whereas another reservists from České Budějovice acted in the group of imitation.

Picture: Training of picking-up separated persons |

Beside of that, the Air Forces of the Army of the Czech Republic participated in the exercise, namely the 24th Transport Aviation Base from Kbely with a Sokol helicopter. With the help of it, the units practised air transfers, calling of the MEDEVAC medical transfer and a helicopter failure together with escaping and repeated picking-up separated persons.

Picture: Signalization |

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