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Armoured vehicles are getting heavier. The bridge assets of the engineer army have to keep up with it

Armoured vehicles are getting heavier. The bridge assets of the engineer army have to keep up with it

The Czech Army's modernisation projects also include the acquisition of escort bridges and pontoon bridge sets. The most modern BVP or main battle tank are not very useful if their…

 04. 01. 2024
Mk0 to MkIV or the evolution of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle

Mk0 to MkIV or the evolution of the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle

The Swedish CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicle will most likely be the vehicle that will be equipped with our 7th Mechanised Brigade, which still uses outdated BVP-2 vehicles, as part…

 18. 10. 2022
Patriot – armoured vehicle (not only) for Central Europe

Patriot – armoured vehicle (not only) for Central Europe

In July, a report appeared in the media about the Polish army's decision to introduce a large number (in the order of hundreds) of Ottokar Brzoza wheeled missile tank…

 15. 10. 2022
The future of the Leopard 2 tank – technological development continues

The future of the Leopard 2 tank – technological development continues

The Leopard 2 tank from the German manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann is one of the most widely used and powerful tanks of Western origin. It is also the only tank currently…

 09. 10. 2022
The Gripen E is comparable to the F-35A in many ways

The Gripen E is comparable to the F-35A in many ways

Extending the "what if" consideration regarding a possible disagreement during the announced negotiations for the acquisition of Lockheed Martin's 5th generation F-35A Lightning…

 29. 09. 2022
The Heron 1 universal drone systems are continuously upgraded. The Army of the Czech Republic knows what it wants and knows what it gets

The Heron 1 universal drone systems are continuously upgraded. The Army of the Czech Republic knows what it wants and knows what it gets

On August 8 this year, the Ministry of Defense announced the decision to start negotiations with the Israeli government on the acquisition of three Heron 1 drones…

 22. 09. 2022
Gripen E for the first time in the Czech Republic

Gripen E for the first time in the Czech Republic

The most modern E version of the Gripen fighter jet from the Swedish manufacturer Saab, which will be presented at the NATO Days this weekend, landed today at Ostrava…

 15. 09. 2022
Gripen as a possible future for the Czech Air Force - a solution in case of failure of the F-35 acquisition

Gripen as a possible future for the Czech Air Force - a solution in case of failure of the F-35 acquisition

Last week, the Czech Government decided to start negotiations with the US Government for the acquisition of 24 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II 5th generation fighter aircraft…

 02. 08. 2022
Tank lesson from Ukraine

Tank lesson from Ukraine

One of the most significant events in the Ministry of Defence is the recent decision to acquire German Leopard 2 tanks. The Czech Republic should receive from Germany…

 04. 07. 2022
European Heavy Military Equipment at Eurosatory 2022

European Heavy Military Equipment at Eurosatory 2022

New tanks such as the Panther KF51, Leopard 2 A7, Leclerc XLR or EMBT were presented at this year's Eurosatory. The Czech Republic presented a new self-propelled…

 23. 06. 2022
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