Army buys tens of thousands of combat rations

 07. 03. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The Defence Department plans to purchase 25,000 of combat food rations in ten variants in the form of excess public procurement. The Army would like to get the food rations in the competition in the near term. The submitted bids will be already evaluated on 7th April this year.  And what exactly is waiting for our soldiers according the tender documentation?

Picture: BDP – Czech combat ration that provides the food for a soldier for 24 hours. All the packages consist of 2 different main dishes and different supplements which are almost identical for all packages. |

The subject of performance of the public contract is the acquisition of combat food rations to ensure free boarding of the troops outside the permanent crew, during the troop training, in foreign operations and in the deployment of task forces in the territory of the Czech Republic and outside it. If we look at the composition of individual rations, we will find out that there are 25,000 of combat food rations in ten variants in total. Respectively:

Picture: The Defence Department will purchase 25,000 of combat rations in ten variants in total |

2,500 pcs of combat food rations I  
2,500 pcs of combat food rations II  
2,500 pcs of combat food rations IV 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations V 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations VI 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations VII 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations VIII 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations IX 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations X 
2,500 pcs of combat food rations XI 

Some variants require chemical heating that is waiting for the soldiers. The contracting authority, i.e. the Defence Department, requires a minimum of thirty-month durability. Small snacks (salt, sugar, coffee, tea) and instant drinks will be extra packed in a plastic bag with a clip closure to prevent spillage after opening the CFR (BDP in Czech language – translator‘s note), the combat food rations. Supplementary products (spoons, toothpicks, multipurpose paper) will be packed in a PE foil bag. The cardboard boxes with the firmness that provides protection during handling will be used for food packaging of the CRF. It will be wrapped in a dark plastic film of non-reflective colour. The outer cover of the CRF will conform the dimensions of 250x200x70 mm with a tolerance of ± 30 mm. The weight of the CRF is approx.1,500 g depending on the packaging material used. The foil must be provided with a sticker that indicates the type and year of production of the CRF. This is a small passage of the tender documentation.

Picture: A rich diet is essential for a soldier |

Out of other important information about meals we will find out the following: The weight of the sterilised dish is 340 grams with a side dish. It is the main dish. The specification clearly refers to specific dishes. For example, stewed peas with pork, stewed beans with pork, diabolical meat with beans, turkey mixture with vegetables, chicken china with bamboo shoots – the meat content after sterilization of 18 % is required here. Stewed vegetables with eggs and sausages do better. The required volume of sausages is 24 %. One condition applies to all canned and meat products. In case of the production of prepared sterilized meat, luncheon meat, pork in its own juice and pate, the origin of the meat from the EU must be provably guaranteed. The meat used for the production of the prepared meals must not be older than 96 hours after slaughter.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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