BAE Systems' CV90 offer meets all key MoD requirements

 17. 09. 2021      category: Military vehicles
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On 1 September, BAE Systems, in cooperation with state integrator VOP CZ s.p., submitted an offer to the Czech Republic for the delivery of a fleet of new CV90 vehicles in seven variants. The submitted offer meets the maximum price requirement, guarantees delivery on time and according to the required schedule. BAE Systems' offer will enable the replacement of the Czech Army's old BVP-2 vehicles with vehicles that fully meet the key requirements set by the Czech Ministry of Defence and the Czech Army. 

cv90Picture: CV90 MkIV Infantry Fighting Vehicle | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

The offer from Swedish company BAE Systems Hägglunds is focused on the modern, combat-proven CV90 in the MkIV variant, and includes a proven strategic industrial cooperation approach that will bring significant added value and a unique opportunity for the Czech Republic to join an elite community of seven established CV90 users. 

The CV90 MkIV IFV, manufactured by BAE Systems Hägglunds, is the most powerful Infantry Fighting Vehicle available on the market today, and its performance is demonstrated by the excellent test results it achieved during recent trials in the Czech Republic. The CV90 will be presented at the NATO Days event in Ostrava (18-19 September 2021), with the support of this year's partner nation Sweden. 

"Our offer for the Czech Republic meets all the key requirements of the competition as clearly defined by the Czech Ministry of Defence. We are committed to delivering the number of vehicles, entirely within the required budget and according to the set schedule," says Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, CEO of BAE Systems Hägglunds. "BAE Systems' offer also exceeds the industrial cooperation requirements set by the Czech Army. We want Czech industry to play a high-value and strategic role in the development and production of the new national vehicle in all its variants, and to ensure the sovereignty of the Czech Army for decades to come."

Benefits of the industrial offer for CV90 deliveries: 

  • The Czech CV90 MkIV will be delivered as a project of the Czech defence industry, inspired by the Czech innovation strategy. VOP CZ s.p., is the main partner of the offer, joined by other Czech industrial companies, including MEOPTA, VR Group, VTU and Ray Service, and more than 30 other Czech defence industry companies and Czech academic community. 
  • The BAE Systems Hägglunds offer substantially exceeds the mandated 40% direct industrial cooperation within the Czech Republic, and will immediately inject significant investment into participating Czech industrial companies. The bid also offers value-added opportunities that could substantially strengthen the country's defence industry and boost other economic sectors.
  • In addition, the multiplier effects of the BAE Systems offer would bring benefits in excess of 50 billion crowns over the duration of the programme and would provide significant opportunities for Czech industrial companies to join the BAE Systems global supply chain.
  • The transfer of intellectual property related to the CV90 is also guaranteed to support strategic Czech innovation objectives and ensure the independence of the Czech Army in the maintenance, repair and future development of the vehicle.

The CV90 is the most recognised, respected and combat-proven Infantry Fighting Vehicle deployed by NATO member states. BAE Systems has delivered nearly 1,300 vehicles in 15 variants to seven European countries, including four NATO members. The CV90 option will also provide access to an exclusive CV90 user club, which brings the potential to share key systems and designs across the CV90 family of vehicles, reducing risk, and providing cost-sharing opportunities in the post-acquisition phase. All six of BAE Systems' previous CV90 industrial collaboration and export programmes have returned at least the full value of the contract to the industrial collaboration countries, always ahead of the agreed schedule.

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