CAF will gain two new CASA aircrafts

 16. 12. 2019      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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On Monday 16th December representatives of MoD and Airbus Defence and Space, S.A. signed a purchasing contract on delivery of two new CASA C-295MW tactical transport aircrafts between 2020 and 2021 and together with that also the contract on upgrade of current four aircrafts of the same type in version C-295M, that has the Czech Army at its disposal since 2010.

Picture: The Ministry of Defence representatives signed the contract on two new CASA aircrafts and upgrade of current four aircrafts |

In a short time, this is another successfully accomplished project, after MADR radars and helicopters, that will increase capabilities of our army. CASA aircrafts are reliable and well-tried in practice. The height of price was verified by an independent expert´s opinion," confirmed the importance of the contract signing the Minister of Defence, Lubomír Metnar.

Deputy Minister for Armaments and Acquisition Filip Říha signed the contract on behalf of the MoD: We are sparing at the aircrafts acquisition approximately a half billion crowns compared to present prices thanks to the acquisition acceleration. Moreover, should we waver over the acquisition, we would gain the first new machine the soonest in 2023," emphasizes Deputy Říha.

Picture: Deputy Minister Filip Říha and A. J. Gutierrez Moreno after signing of the contracts |

The purchase of a pair of new CASA aircrafts

The Defence department originally supposed another two CASA aircrafts to be purchased the soonest between 2023-2024. Having the project expedited the air force gains two new aircrafts two years sooner. The dealing on possible aircrafts delivery expediting compared to the original acquisition supposition was based on the manufacturer´s offer from December 2018 for the delivery of aircrafts from current production.

Czech Republic will pay for the both aircrafts latest version C-295MW with full operational equipment, spare parts and land equipment for the aircraft’s operation according to the army requirements in total 1,94 billion CZK (2,34 billion CZK including VAT), namely according to the concluded payment schedule between 2019 and 2023.

In the contract are also concluded deliveries of spare parts and land equipment as well as warranty from manufacturer. There will be considerably lower costs of additional training of aviation personnel in the latest navigation, communication and other systems of new aircrafts.

New CASA C-295MW aircrafts will extend transport capacity of current fleet and assume also the tasks of personal air conveyance that are currently performed by two morally and technically obsolete aircrafts Jak 40 with markedly higher operational costs and lower transport capacity that are at their lifetime limit and therefore will be decommissioned in 2020. This will not only mean increase of total transport capacity of the air force, but also decrease of amount of operated air equipment, which leads to decrease of logistic demands to air traffic ensuring.

Upgrade of current CASA aircrafts

The four current CASA C-295M aircrafts will also be upgraded to the same new standard as contracted with their manufacturer, so that all the aircrafts of the CAF armaments also in future fulfil the latest requirements of international air operation. The Army will keep the aircrafts operable for fulfilment of whole variety of tasks at air transport of people and material.

Picture: The four current CASA C-295M aircrafts will also be upgraded to the same new standard a contracted with their manufacturer |

The upgrade programme is spread between years 2019 to 2021 and with all the aircrafts it includes mainly upgrade of communication, navigation and avionic systems, flight planning system, satellite communication means device and DATAlink interface device or supply of new stock spare parts for upgraded systems and the components even of new land equipment. Total value of four CASA C295M aircrafts upgrade programme gets to 360,3 mil. CZK (436,0 mil CZK including VAT).

CASA aircrafts in CR

The CAF is currently operating four CASA aircrafts that have flown almost 15 000 flight hours and transported more than 65 000 people since they were put into service, namely keeping high level of reliability and flight security. The Army of Czech Republic is on a long-term basis satisfied with CASA aircrafts that are discharging training tasks, ensure rotations of soldiers and transport of material to foreign missions as well as conveyance of soldiers and material to foreign trainings.

casa-c-295m-8_archiv-vevzsPicture: CAF operates four CASA aircrafts |

One of the aircrafts is since 2013 deployed for the sake of international observing mission MFO at Sinaj peninsula where the deployment is supposed minimum till the end of 2020. The Army takes part with CASA aircrafts at many multi-national air forces exercises for the sake of NATO and EU. Simultaneously the Army uses CASA aircrafts also to ensure MEDEVAC program which is prepared for air transport of wounded and ill patients and for humanitarian missions up to decision of Czech Government.

 Author: Petr Sýkora

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