General Opata Pleased the War Veterans with Small Presents

 23. 12. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The regular pre-Christmas program of the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Army General Aleš Opata, includes a visit to war veterans at the Vlčí mák Home, the Home for War Veterans Care in Prague and the Centre for Comprehensive Care for Veterans in Olomouc. Due to the current situation, it was not possible to arrange a personal meeting to hand over the Christmas presents. Despite that, the veterans were not deprived of the joy from the Christmas presents because they were brought to them.

bann_2339Picture: General Opata sent Christmas presents to war veterans |

“Meetings with war veterans belong to my favorites. I am sorry that this could not be done due to strict coronavirus measures, but the health of clients and staff comes first. It is important for me that veterans receive the best care, which they deserve,” said General Opata.

The Vlčí mák home provides continuous care to 85 clients with reduced self-sufficiency, the vast majority of them being war veterans and their partners. “The average age of our clients is over 93 years, the oldest is 100 years old. Our team takes care of them 24 hours a day,” said head nurse Jana Zoufalá. The facility is also constantly striving to improve the quality of life of their clients and adapt to their individual needs.

foto-3_352Picture: Among the gifted in Prague was war veteran Colonel Ján Hacko |

The Centre in Olomouc provides veterans with long-term care, such as accommodation, the provision of food, assistance with personal hygiene or the management of common self-care. The staff also provides rehabilitation therapy and therapeutic physical education. The oldest war veteran is 99 years old, their average age is 90 years.

Picture: The head nurse Jana Zoufalá handed over the presents at Vlčí mák home |

Vlčí mák home at the Central Military Hospital in Prague provides a dignified environment and a range of services to clients, especially war veterans, who, due to their age and state of health, need help in meeting their needs. The War Veterans’ Home is intended for war veterans, their wives or partners, whose state of health does not require constant care and who are able to take care of themselves.

Picture: The head nurse Jana Zoufalá handed over the presents at Vlčí mák home |

Long-term treatment centre - The Centre for Comprehensive Care for Veterans in the Military Hospital in Olomouc provides both health and social care for World War II veterans and their wives and also modern veterans. It has 14 rooms with 27 beds, of which 10 beds can be used to provide social services.

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