Government approves another donation of military equipment to Ukraine for CZK 188 million

 26. 02. 2022      category: Events
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On Saturday, 26 February 2022, the Government of the Czech Republic approved a proposal submitted by Defence Minister Jana Černochová to allow an exemption from the condition of permanent unnecessity of military equipment and to transfer this military equipment to Ukraine free of charge.

shutterstock_355805132Picture: The Government approved another donation of military equipment to Ukraine for CZK 188 million. The subject of the donation are pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and ammunition (illustration photo) | Shutterstock

On the basis of this exemption, the Czech Republic will donate to Ukraine small firearms (M. 82 pistols, M. 58 and M. 61 Scorpion submachine guns, M. 59 machine guns, Dragunov and Falcon sniper rifles) and ammunition for these weapons, including chests, pallets and containers with a total value of more than CZK 188 million. The subject of the donation was determined on the basis of negotiations between the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Ukrainian side. The Government also approved that the Ukrainian side would receive the donation at an agreed location. The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic will arrange for the transport to that place in the fastest possible way. 

"The unscrupulous bandit Putin has miscalculated, the Russians have suffered great losses. Ukraine is not giving up. The Ukrainians are fighting extremely bravely. We are sending more aid and it will not be the last," said Defence Minister Jana Černochová.

dsc_11089Picture: Minister of Defence Jana Černochová at today's press conference | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

At the same time, the Government also modified the terms of the donation of artillery ammunition from 26 January 2022. Originally, it was stipulated that the donation was to be handed over to the Ukrainian side on the territory of the Czech Republic and its transportation to Ukraine was to be arranged by the Ukrainian side. However, after the start of the Russian aggression, this is not within the power of the Ukrainian side. It was therefore agreed that the Czech side would arrange the transport to the agreed place of delivery. This change was necessary in order to enable the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic to arrange such transport and to cover the costs associated with it. The total book value of the donation amounts to CZK 188 106 550,-.

The subject of the donation is as follows: 

  • 9mm M. 82 pistols 30 150 pcs.
  • 7,62mm M.58 assault rifle 5 000 pcs
  • NB 7,62-43 round 500 000 pcs
  • NB 7,62-SV 43 round 125 000 pcs
  • 7,65mm M. 61 Scorpion machine gun 2 085 pcs
  • NB 7,65-Browning round 1 000 000 pcs
  • 7,62mm M. 59 universal machine gun 3 200 pcs
  • 7,62mm Dragunov sniper rifle 12 pcs
  • NB 7,62-59 round (TZ,OKRAJ.) 1 000 000 pcs
  • NB 7,62-SV 59 round (TZ-SV) 1 000 000 pcs
  • NB 7,62-PZ 59 round (PZ OKRAJ.) 150 000 pcs
  • 12,7mm Falcon sniper rifle 19 pcs
  • material necessary for transport (chests, pallets, containers)
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