IDET presented the Czech comprehensive anti-drone solution ReCas or the new generation Tatra Force

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At this year's IDET, visitors could see a lot of interesting military equipment, armaments, gear or accessories. The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding had the largest exhibition, with a number of exhibits on display in the exhibition halls and outdoor areas.

Video: Presentation of the Czech comprehensive anti-drone solution ReCas, new generation Tatra Force, self-propelled howitzer Morana, armoured vehicle TITUS and others (presentation/interviews). / CZ DEFENCE

The first Czech comprehensive anti-drone solution ReCas from Retia aroused great interest. The ReCas system, which responds to the threats associated with the operation of hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (drones, standby munitions). Retia has developed its own software solution within the ReCas system (Command and Control), which represents a kind of "central brain" of the entire system, into which it is possible to integrate individual third-party components (elements), in relation to specific customer requirements and declared use cases.

IMG_1143Picture: The Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding had the largest exhibition, with a number of exhibits on display in the exhibition halls and outdoor areas. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

IMG_1175Picture: Retia, part of the Czechoslovak Group holding, presented the first Czech comprehensive anti-drone solution ReCas. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

The ReCas anti-drone system is a modular solution where the customer has the possibility to select individual components into two basic parts of the system - sensory (used to detect threats) and effector (used to eliminate threats). The basis of the sensor part is the ReGuard 3D radar, which is compact and thanks to its technical parameters ideal for long-range protection systems against unmanned aerial vehicles.

IMG_1111Picture: Complex antidrone system ReCas | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

The range of the ReGuard 3D radar guarantees early warning of an approaching threat, giving the operator more time to assess the situation or react if necessary. Another component of the sensor part of the ReCas system is the so-called RF-sensor, which is used to identify the directions and frequencies of potential targets in use. The electro-optical sensor is then used to classify and confirm already detected targets, based on optical sensing in day and night mode. The effector part of the ReCas anti-drone solution then uses standard electronic jamming (so-called soft-kill), where the jammer is integrated directly on the optical system, and it is thus possible to monitor in real time the target's reaction to the jamming. If required, the system can also be extended to include a means for direct target kill (hard-kill).

Companies belonging to the MSM Group presented a range of modern medium and large calibre ammunition at this year's IDET. New this year was 120mm tank ammunition, compatible with Leopard 2 tank ammunition.

The CSG stand also included the Czech exhibition premiere of the Morana howitzer – the latest artillery system from Excalibur Army, which was first introduced at last year's Eurosatory 2022 in Paris.

IMG_1112Picture: The Morana howitzer – the latest artillery system from Excalibur Army – also had its Czech exhibition premiere at the CSG stand. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

Also on display were the new TITUS armoured vehicles, which the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic ordered in 2017 for the Czech Army in 62 units, in three versions - 6 units in the command and staff version (KOVVŠ), 36 units in the liaison version (KOVS) and 20 vehicles will serve as fire support coordination points (MKPP). TITUS is a successful joint project of the Czech company Tatra Defence Vehicle and the French defence company Nexter Systems. Six serial TITUS vehicles have already been delivered to the Czech Army in all 3 variants mentioned above, with further deliveries to take place this year and next.

IMG_1105Picture: TITUS MKPP | Tomáš Kolařík / CZ DEFENCE

In connection with the new TITUS vehicles, which will serve with the 13th Artillery Regiment, we asked the Regiment Commander, Colonel Jan Cífka, how the arrival of the new TITUS vehicle will enhance the regiment's existing capabilities. There will be a qualitative and quantitative increase in the capabilities of artillery units, both in terms of providing fire support and connectivity to NATO units on the contemporary theatre of war. Obsolete means of command will be fully replaced at all points of command within brigade task groups. An automated artillery fire control system, ADLER III, will be implemented on these vehicles to ensure full automation of fire control and fire coordination processes of the ACR artillery. Connectivity with other NATO artillery units will be achieved."
 IMG_1230Picture: TITUS MKPP armoured vehicle (left) and Tatra Phoenix 8x8 container loader with extended chassis and armoured cab | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

Visitors to the fair were also able to see the 155mm Caesar self-propelled howitzer from the French company Nexter. The Caesar howitzers are expected to replace the existing 152mm DANA Model 77 self-propelled howitzers in the Czech Armed Forces. Our artillerymen from the 13th Artillery Regiment should receive the first pieces by the end of 2026. The vast majority (except for 4 pieces) of the howitzers will be assembled in the Czech Republic through the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) holding, which will also be the supplier of the proven Tatra chassis and armoured cab. The Czech Army will receive a total of 62 Caesar guns. By switching to the 155mm Caesar howitzers, the Czech Armed Forces will increase its artillery capabilities, as confirmed by the Ukrainian battlefield, where the superiority of Western 155mm howitzers over 152mm weapons of the Soviet design school is evident, especially in terms of range, accuracy and the possibility of using "smart" ammunition. The Caesar system with a barrel length of 52 calibre, with the best types of shells, achieves a maximum range of around 40 km.

IMG_1109Picture: Visitors to the fair could also see a 155mm self-propelled howitzer Caesar from the French company Nexter. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

IMG_1108Picture: 155mm Caesar howitzers should replace the existing self-propelled gun howitzers vz. 77 DANA of 152 mm calibre in the Czech Armed Forces. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

This year's fair also saw the first presentation of the new generation of Tatra Force vehicle from Tatra Trucks, in firefighting version. This is the third generation of the Tatra Force model range, which, in addition to a major improvement in the low-cab concept with the engine above the front axle, also brings an extension of the portfolio to include variants with a front-mounted engine. The new cabs, with their redesigned skeleton and modern design features, bring increased safety and a new level of comfort for the driver and crew, including better visibility.

IMG_1165Picture: At this year's fair, the new generation of Tatra Force vehicles from Tatra Trucks was also presented for the first time in a firefighting version. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

The new generation of Tatra Force vehicles enables better passage in low profiles. The new vehicles use the proven Tatra Force chassis with a central load tube and swinging independently suspended semi-axles, building on the exceptional off-road and on-road performance of the previous two generations. These include above-average approach angles, very good ground clearance and driving stability. The basic versions on offer will be 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 chassis with disc brakes on all wheels.

IMG_1157Picture: The new generation of Tatra Force vehicles enables better passage in low profiles. | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

However, as with previous generations, multi-axle versions with varying numbers of driven and steerable axles are also available to customers. The new-generation cars will be equipped with an upgraded electronically controlled, air-cooled Tatra eight-cylinder engine with an output of up to 340 kW in the basic version.

IMG_1196Picture: Moment from an interview with Tatra Trucks CEO Lukáš Andrýsek | Michal Pivoňka / CZ DEFENCE

Selected variants can also be equipped with the new generation of the air-cooled 12-cylinder Tatra engine with an output of up to 440 kW. The new Tatra Force will be offered for fire and rescue services, military and security organisations, as well as for the mining and construction industries and other sectors.

 Author: Michal Pivoňka

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