Modern Air Navigation Has Found Its Way to the Paris Air Show from Staré Město

 18. 06. 2019      category: Exhibitions/Forums/Conferences
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One of the world’s largest air shows starts in the Le Bourget Airport in Paris on Monday, 17th June.  The Czech company Ray Service, which is the leading Czech manufacturer of wiring harnesses for military use, will present itself as a supplier of navigation systems for sport aeroplanes. 

Flight display of several different sizes, which simultaneously records flight data in one place and in one time slot, monitors engine gauges and navigates safely. These characteristics of the current and clear measurement do not have to be recognized only by a pilot in a large aircraft. The owner of an ultralight aircraft can also install the display into the cockpit, either as a single unit or a part of a more complex interconnected system. “The use of flight displays is not particularly difficult.  Their operation is perfectly intuitive and user-friendly. What a professional should do is precise installation, which is regarded as common part of our service,” says Pavel Trubačík, Marketing Director of Ray Service.

Picture: Company Ray Service will present itself as a supplier of navigation systems for sport airplanes in Paris 

The display size is in the range between 5.7 inches, corresponding to the size of a smartphone, up to 10 inches, which could be more likely compared to a tablet. Unlike phones and tablets, it is sufficiently resistant. It can adapt to sudden changes of light and can indicate, for instance, speed and information about aircraft engine.  Moreover, the pilot can use one unit as the central display and the other one to monitor the engine or navigation. This system allows the pilot to monitor the rotational speed, fuel level and coolant temperature. It is satisfactory if the airplane has the line voltage in the range between 9 to 35 volts, connection to flight data and motor sensors. The more powerful models are also equipped with their own navigation system with a moving map and terrain. 

The Ray Service cooperates on the development and production of air navigations with Glance Avionics company based in Prague that was established as a separate start-up project. It has already delivered more than 200 displays to the market. Nevertheless, the supply potential is far greater. “We have agreed on a long-term cooperation with the company. Therefore, we will produce some of the flight displays in series. It is a logical step from our side. We also develop in the aeronautical field, which is an essential part of our business. That is why we want to show these devices at the Paris Air Show,” adds Pavel Trubačík.  

Picture: The core business of the Ray Service focuses on the development and production of neural (electromechanical) ground technology systems

The core business of the Ray Service focuses on the development and production of neural (electromechanical) ground technology systems that account for more than half (50 %) of the company’s total sales. Aviation (33 % of sales) and motorsport (10%) come after. The Ray Service focuses on cable technology deliveries not only to the military and aviation, but also to other industries. “We make a significant contribution to the development and modernization programmes of the military technology of the Czech Army in the Czech market. In essence, there is no longer an area that we would not understand in the army or we would not be directly involved in the key projects or supplies,” adds Pavel Trubačík.

About Ray Service company 

The Ray Service company from Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště has been operating on the market for 25 years. Besides the production, it is also strongly focused on the development and research. The company received the prestigious award Company of the Year 2017 of the Zlín Region and ranked among the 7 best companies in the Czech Republic. The Ray Service is an attractive employer, offering a wide range of benefits, excellent working conditions, varied and clean work in a comfortable environment for active employees with working experience.

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