POWERFUL WORD 2022 cyber forces and information operations exercise underway

 12. 10. 2022      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Almost 200 soldiers from Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and specialists from the Cyber Forces and Information Operations Group Olomouc are continuing the POWERFUL WORD 2022 exercise at the Libava Military Training Area, which began on 11 October and will end on 14 October 2022.

powerful_04Picture: Commander of the Information and Cyber Forces General Feix during a discussion with the commander of the German trainers | warrant officer Martin Kresta

The aim of the training is to exercise the capabilities of the Cyber Force and Information Operations Group, which is destined for brigade task forces. Exercisers are responding to hybrid threats such as internet trolls, fake-news and other risks. Deterring adversaries with psychological warfare tools is also part of the scenario. The training simulates real deployments of soldiers and their responses to current conflicts.

powerful_05Picture: Special Forces member during operation planning | warrant officer Martin Kresta

"Our soldiers here act as a tool for dealing with hybrid threats and the humanitarian impact of war. Within the scenario, there is also a role-play that represents enemies in the form of paramilitary organizations, as well as friendly persons, but also ordinary civilians who are neutral and can decide who they will support based on the actions of our trainers," Colonel Přemysl Štěpánek, the POWERFUL WORD exercise director and commander of the Cyber Forces and Information Operations Group, told CZ DEFENCE. Participants in the exercise are dealing with issues such as the migration wave, informing the population and fighting disinformation, of which there is a large amount prepared during the exercise. "We are also fighting in cyberspace on social media to debunk fake-news. Enemies use photoshop and video editing skills against us, so various graphic hoaxes and dehumanizing videos are created, to which the trainees must respond adequately and gain or maintain public trust," Col. Štěpánek added.

powerful_01Picture: Czech and Slovak soldier creating graphics | warrant officer Martin Kresta

An interesting feature of the exercise is the operation of "game" media, i.e. journalists who run news websites, make reports, try to get information out of the soldiers and confront them with false or true rumours.

Picture: The advantage of international participation is the exchange of experience, which is developing dramatically, especially in this area. | warrant officer Martin Kresta

The exercise has a fixed scenario only at the beginning, and subsequent situations unfold according to the development and actions of the soldiers. Hybrid threats are becoming more and more relevant in today's world, so our specialists test the level of knowledge in combating hybrid threats and especially the ability to fight them effectively. The advantage of international participation is the exchange of experience, which is developing dramatically, especially in this area. The exercise follows the tradition of previous years, when the exercise was called CIMIC/PSYOPS COOPERATION and was held only with the participation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

powerful_03Picture: Slovak soldier taking notes during CIMIC meeting | warrant officer Martin Kresta

 Author: Jan Zilvar

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