Slovakia's first military airport already has a set of new radars

 26. 01. 2022      category: Events
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The 46th Kuchyňa Wing, as the first of the Slovak military airports, already provides air traffic control with new airport radars. This modern and reliable technology has finally replaced the malfunctioning radars, whose technical life expired in 2015 and whose modernisation would be unprofitable - it would be equal to the cost of a new radar.

Sets of new radars - primary and secondary surveillance radar and precision landing radar will be gradually delivered and used at all military airports of the Slovak Armed Forces. In addition to the above-mentioned Kuchyň airport, they will be installed in Sliač (2022) and Prešov (2023). Their task is to ensure safe and reliable air traffic control at military airports and the provision of air navigation services in accordance with civil regulations and NATO standards. In addition, they contribute to the system of creating a comprehensive picture of the air situation.

radar_01Picture: Slovak military airports acquire new radars | Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

The airspace of military airports in Slovakia will be guarded by Czech radar systems RPL-2000 from Pardubice manufacturer Eldis, belonging to the Czechoslovak Group. It has been awarded a contract for the supply of radar systems to the three Slovak military airports mentioned above at the end of 2020, worth €19.7 million (CZK 516 million).

In addition to Slovakia, the RPL-2000 radar set is also used in the Czech Republic, where it is in service at the Czech Air Force air bases in Prague-Kbely, Pardubice, Náměšt' nad Oslavou and Čáslav. The RPL-2000 system is also used by the Bulgarian Air Force.

RPL-2000 is a comprehensive set of all active ELDIS radars. It is designed to provide a complete solution for air traffic control or air defence. The RPL-2000 radar suite consists of the RL-2000 primary surveillance radar, the MSSR-1 monopulse secondary surveillance radar and the PAR-E precision approach radar.

radar_03Picture: RPL-2000 is a comprehensive set of all ELDIS active radars | Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic

The RPL-2000 radar set continues the tradition of the proven concept of complete airport radar solutions and represents the next generation of RPL-5M radar sets from ELDIS Pardubice. The robust design uses the latest semiconductor technology, resulting in excellent radar performance and long service life. The RPL-2000 radar set can also be supplied in a transportable version.

"The purchase of the required airfield radars will maintain the capability to ensure safe military and civilian air traffic, flight training, the Air Force of the Slovak Republic's alert system and the alliance's alert system - NATINAMDS," appreciated the contribution of the new equipment by the Commander of the Air Force of the Slovak Republic, Brigadier General Róbert Tóth.

radar_02Picture: The purchase of the required airport radars will maintain the capability to ensure safe military and civil air traffic, flight training, the Slovak Air Force's standby system and the Alliance's standby system - NATINAMDS | Ministry of Defence

The new equipment was procured on the basis of a framework agreement resulting from a public procurement. It includes the supply of three airfield radar systems, related civil works and other related services.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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