Soldiers from the 2nd Company Task Group participated in a demanding exercise Iron Wolf in Lithuania

 01. 07. 2019      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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In Lithuanian Rukla members of the 2nd Company Task Group under the command of Major Václav Pejchar were preparing themselves as members of the 5th rotation of the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP BG LTU) for almost six months for a brigade certification exercise together with around ten different NATO partners. In the previous days soldiers from 41st Mechanised Battalion from Žatec and other units participated in the Iron Wolf exercise (after the name of the Lithuanian brigade, who prepared the exercise) and completed it successfully.

Picture: The Company Commander takes over the award for the IRON WOLF 2019 exercise from the Commander of the Lithuanian Brigade | 2nd Task Group, Lithuania,

Most of the soldiers are deployed abroad for the first time. Although all of them attended a preparatory exercise in Germany, many of them could not imagine what they should expect. Multinational environment, different approaches to task solution, different climate and environment – these factors are only a tip of the iceberg. Far from their families and friends, with limited time and space for themselves, step by step, the soldiers were gaining various skills and experiences.

Picture: Mustered units in the end of the IRON WOLF 2019 exercise | 2nd Task Group Lithuania,

Soldiers gained a range of experiences

They used to be young men with few experiences; today they are warriors capable of parachuting from a helicopter with basic knowledge of infantry activity in built-up areas and fighting in swamps, deserts and forests. Many of them found new friends from Lithuania, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, but also from Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Canada, England, Denmark, and America.

Picture: Soldiers move within the area | 2. Task Group Lithuania,

Training of individual units during the activity shifted the Czech soldiers to the forefront. Thanks to it they had a chance to face trained soldiers from the British army or lead a direct attack. “Our members envy you this position, they did not get the chance to fight at all,” assessed Captain J.B., the press agent of the Dutch Army, who accompanied his unit during the exercise.

Picture: A soldier waiting for the opponent to come | 2. Task Group Lithuania,

They defended the area

Thanks to this members of the mechanised infantry were designated to defend the area, which turned into a sauna full of mosquitoes and big horse flies after heavy rain at night. The people as well as technical equipment were driven beyond bounds of capabilities.

Picture: A member of the 41st Mechanised Battalion attacks an opponent during a contact | 2nd Task Group Lithuania,

The Iron Wolf certification exercise presented an icing on the cake. The fact that this exercise had the largest extent and was the most complicated to date was admitted by Major Skomantas Povilionis from the Iron Wolf brigade, too. “This is the most complex exercise we have ever had here, and also the largest as for the number of nations. Nevertheless, we managed to meet the goals set,” he described.

Picture: Infantry supported by their own equipment Pandur II | 2nd Task Group, Lithuania,

The training is coming up to the end. In the days to come soldiers await shooting of some munitions, and then the most demanding task of the contingent – safe and smooth return to the home country to their units.

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