The armies of the V4 countries will exercise in the Czech Republic

 29. 09. 2019      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Czech Lion 2019. This is the name of an international exercise which will take place from September 30 to October 11, 2019 in the Czech Republic. Units of the 7th Brigade Task Force with mechanized units from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are going to participate in it.  In total, it will be almost 800 soldiers. The Army is also particular about perfect preparation. That’s why a lot of planned conferences preceded the exercise. 

Picture: Czech Lion 2019

 “The aim of the exercise will be to verify abilities of the commanders and international staffs to command the inferior units of the Combat Force, to plan collectively, to manage a combat and to respond flexibly to the actual situation on the battlefield,” emphasized Commander of the Ground Forces of the Czech Army Major-General Josef Kopecký.

Picture: Modernized T72M4-CZ tanks from the 73rd Tank Battalion |

On behalf of the Army of the Czech Republic, the 7th Mechanized Brigade, the 73rd Tank Battalion, the 132nd Artillery Unit and other auxiliary units will participate in it. The Air Forces will be represented by the 25th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment and the 22nd Helicopter Aviation Base. The exercise will take place in Hranice, Přáslavice and in the Centre of Simulation and Training Technologies in Brno, where command points will be deployed together with the equipment and support of connecting means.

Picture: The exercise will take place in the Centre of Simulation and Training Technologies (in the picture), where command points will be deployed together with the equipment and support of connecting means. |

And just the last place, i.e. the Centre of Simulation and Training Technologies, moves the exercise to the level of the worldwide armies, where the integration of simulations is being used very often from for one simple reason: logistics as well as a price. Commanders may control units both on a “display” and in the field, where soldiers can demonstrate and prove their preparedness and ability to cooperate. This format of exercising is more than suitable due to our membership in the Vysegrad Four.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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