The Army is requesting IVECO light armored vehicles for use in international operations

 05. 07. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The Army is now requesting 10 pieces of IVECO M65E 19WM 4x4 combat vehicles, 7 pieces in the combat version and 3 pieces in the command version. The purpose of the purchase is to secure the dedicated units of the Czech Army within the United Nations Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System (hereinafter referred to as the “UNPCRS”) with vehicles to ensure the transfer of persons in the performance of specific assigned tasks. If necessary, ensure the emergency deployment of LMV (Light Multirole Vehicle) to perform the tasks of the dedicated Czech Army forces operating for NATO in operations and supplement the number of IVECO (Industrial Vehicles Corporation) multi-purpose armored vehicles.

iveco_TITPicture: The Army is requesting IVECO M65E 19WM 4x4 light armored vehicles for use in international operations (illustrative photo) | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

The above acquisition is called "KALICH - Light armored vehicle for use in international operations" and consists of the purchase of IVECO M65E 19WM 4x4, 8.1 t vehicles. The subject of the contract is the acquisition of ten pieces of IVECO M65E 19WM 4x4, 8.1 t light armored vehicles (of which three pieces in the command version), equipped with a remote controlled weapon station with a 7.62 mm machine gun mount, communication system, C-IED (Counter - Improvised Explosive Devices) jammer and other elements of vehicle equipment. The weapon station, machine gun, communications equipment and C-IED jammers will be provided from the Czech Army stockpiles.

The following technical parameters are required for the vehicles:

  • Total weight: max. 8.1 t
  • Max. front axle load: 4.1 t
  • Max. rear axle load: 4.5 t
  • Payload: max. 1.5 t
  • Total length max. (Mm): 5100 ± 50 mm
  • Overall width max. (Mm): 2430 (2300 with folded mirrors) in basic version without winch
  • Overall height (without tower) max. (Mm): 2210 ± 25 mm in the basic version
  • Approach angle - front min .: 45 ° ± 2 ° in basic version without winch
  • Approach angle - rear min .: 43 ° ± 2 ° in basic version without winch
  • Transmission: Automatic, 8-speed
  • EMC: 461 F, Alternator 28 V
  • Fuel tank: min. 110 l
  • Pressurized cabin / preparation for CBRN: YES
  • Spring floor: YES
  • Ballistic protection: min. according to TP-PREXP-00002-07
  • Maximum turning radius (m): 7.5 ± 0.2 m in the basic version
  • Maximum speed on the road (km / h): 110 with limiter off, 90 with limiter on
  • Minimum distance on paved road (km): 600
  • Maximum wading without preparation (mm): 750 ± 50 mm
  • Maximum climb: 60%, maximum lateral tilt: 30%

The specification of the contract also requires other specifications, modifications and equipment of vehicles, such as the number of seats, surface protection with paint (in RAL 1002shade - sand (type IR)), suspension for spare wheel (including spare wheel), modification of on-board electrical supply system, modification of cargo space, implementation of the weapon station (including rangefinder) with a mounted 7.62x51 mm MAG (069) machine gun, the vehicle was equipped with a HF jammer. signal, implementation of an additional headlight, vehicle equipment with SDIO and GSD (Gun Shot Detection), preparation for the use of the radio station, etc. Included in the delivery of three pieces of command vehicles will include software to find and recognize faces captured by the day camera system both on the basis of a recorded database stored in the computer technology in the vehicle and with the possibility of access to an external database via the communication equipment of the vehicle.

Prior to delivery, the vehicles will be subjected to abbreviated military tests (ZVZ). The person responsible for the implementation of the PPA is the commander of the Operations Command. The tests will be performed at VÚ 2120 Pardubice on the basis of the Order of the Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army for performing abbreviated military tests of the given object. As part of the tender, the Supplier is obliged to provide 1 piece of command vehicle and 1 piece of combat vehicle with all implemented systems (including adaptation for the use of radios) for the implementation of ZVZ set of workshop equipment for maintenance and repair of equipment, including diagnostic equipment and kit for laminating equipment for conducting military tests.

Bids will be evaluated according to their economic advantage with a single criterion, the lowest total bid price in CZK without VAT.

We assume that the above vehicles are intended to perform the tasks of our soldiers in the mission in Mali. We wish our soldiers that the new vehicles serve them well.


 Author: Martin Šiška

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