The Forward Air Controllers will once again measure their strength at the Ample Strike exercise

 22. 05. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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This September, the 8th year of the international Ample Strike exercise will take place in the Czech Republic, which is focused on reconciling Forward Air Controllers with aircraft crews and commanders on the ground. The main planning conference was held at the 22nd Helicopter Base Sedlec, Vícenice near Náměště nad Oslavou.

predsunuty-letecky-navodci-pri-praci_3Picture: Forward Air Controller at work | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

The exercise will take place from August 30 to September 19, 2021. In addition to the Czech Republic, it will be attended by seven foreign, allied armies (Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, United States and United Kingdom). Five hundred Czech soldiers should be supplemented by two hundred foreign soldiers.

"The exercise is focused on harmonizing the procedures of Forward Air Controllers with air crews and ground commanders in a multinational environment. An integral part is also the examination of the host country's ability to provide support to foreign units, the so-called Host Nation Support. Pilots will also practice refueling in flight and the tasks of direct air support," the director of the exercise, Colonel Aleš Cápal, said.

The soldiers will use the military training area Boletice, Bechyně, the 22nd Helicopter Base Sedlec, Vícenice near Náměště nad Oslavou, the 21st Tactical Air Force Čáslav, the 26th Air Command, Control and Surveillance Regiment Stará Boleslav and the Pardubice Airport Authority.

vrtulnik-mi-171Picture: Soldiers deploying from the Mi-171 helicopter | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

In addition to Czech Mi-35/24, Mi-171 helicopters and L-159 aircraft, the Hungarian Jas-39 Gripen aircraft also participates. Furthermore, German Learjet and PC-9M aircraft, Slovenian L-39 Albatros aircraft or PC-9M aircraft will be involved in the exercise. The participation was also promised by the American KC-135 aircraft providing refueling in the air and MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle. Another possible equipment will be the subject of the final coordination conference, which will take place in July. In addition to the Air Force, ground forces will also be significantly involved in the exercise.

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