The Ministry of Defence is planning repairs and maintenance of ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors

 02. 03. 2022      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The subject of the tender is to carry out repair and maintenance of ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors by carrying out the prescribed tasks specified by the manufacturer within the life cycle of these sensors. The scope of the contract will be technical maintenance number 2, maintenance after use in particularly difficult conditions, specific preparation of the equipment, discovery repair, routine repair and training of personnel.

The ReVISOR reconnaissance sensor is designed to provide early situational awareness to fire units in the airspace, to control the firing of units at platoon level (i.e. 4 x RBS-70 / RBS-70 NG) and to ensure the safety of own air force passes. The priority use of the ReVISOR reconnaissance sensor is to support battle groups equipped with modern portable RBS-70 and RBS-70 NG anti-aircraft missile systems. The reconnaissance sensor is integrated into the established AFCCS (Automated Fire Control and Command System), i.e. technical and communication compatibility with AFCCS control and firing elements is ensured.

ReVISORPicture: ReVISOR radar in the service of the Czech Armed Forces | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Each anti-aircraft missile battery, of which there are currently four, has as standard 2 ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors (each battery has two firing platoons). Currently, the Army has 6 sensors and 2 more will be procured by October 2023 at the latest. The requested service takes into account the life cycle repair and maintenance of all ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors.

The estimated value of the public contract in the amount of CZK 33 057 851,- (excluding VAT) was determined on the basis of data and information from a previously concluded framework contract with RETIA, a.s. within the framework of a public contract of the same subject of performance, and on the basis of information on the price and availability of the requested commodities from RETIA, a.s.

The implementation of the submitted public contract by performing the services specified by the manufacturer and purchasing individual components and consumables is necessary to ensure full operability, reliability and functionality of the ReVISOR reconnaissance sensors and to maintain their combat value and the possibility of their further use. 

In the case of the present procurement, there is no competition for technical reasons, because the intended supplier, RETIA, a.s., is the sole manufacturer of the 'ReVISOR Reconnaissance Sensor' system, and the prescribed tasks (performing field repairs, specific equipment preparation, personnel training and other services) cannot be performed without the ownership of the production documentation and single-purpose service fixtures, including access to the setup and debugging application software. At the same time, it is not possible to add or extend features or functionality, or to perform a comprehensive upgrade of the system without knowledge of the system at source code level.

The contract is expected to run until April 2022 and the contractual relationship will last from 2022 to 2026.

ReVISOR is a surveillance radar designed primarily for Very Short Range Ground-based Air Defence (VSHORAD). It detects, identifies and tracks airborne targets, including low- and slow-flying, small-scale targets (LSS) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with the required accuracy and rapid information recovery. ReVISOR supports modern VSHORAD systems in their efforts to effectively destroy air attack assets.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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