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The industrial Group OMNIPOL, with roots dating back to 1934, concentrates it’s business in the hi-tech field of Defence and Security. Specifically, the Group includes three daughter companies - ERA, MESIT, and Aircraft Industries - and holds a significant stake, and is the strategic partner, in the aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody.

The OMNIPOL Industrial Group has achieved significant success, in both domestic and international markets, operating in over 60 countries worldwide. Currently, the Group employs about 4,000 people, several hundred of which are employed in Research & Development.

Top Products

The most significant products are the turboprop commuter aircraft the L 410 NG and the L-39NG jet trainer, as well as passive surveillance systems the VERA-NG and PLESS. The portfolio also includes a comprehensive, tactical communication system, incorporating items such as radios and intercom systems.


The OMNIPOL Group places a long-term emphasis on expertise, reliability, and responsibility.
 It’s business goal is to strengthen the tradition of the aviation industry in the Czech Republic, focusing particularly on, aircraft such as the L-410NG and the L-39NG. OMNIPOL has played a crucial role in this industry for decades. For example, it has exported over three thousand units of the L-39 worldwide and more than 1200 units of the L410.


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