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RETIA a.s.

Company Profile:

Radars and missile devices modernization, command and control systems development, UWB localization devices and communication systems. RETIA participates in 3D MADR radar delivery and implementation for the Czech Army.

ReDat recording systems deliver a comprehensive voice, image and data solutions and HID recording provided for ATM / ATC sectors and contact and control centres. The system offers advanced voice analyses, quality management and a wide range of integration options. RETIA's customers include the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic, Vietnam, Slovakia, Finland and Poland, Railway Infrastructure Administration, Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic, Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic, India, Morocco, Algeria, Poland and Spain.

Link to CSG structure:

RETIA is not a subsidiary of CSG but is a partner company directly controlled by the holding owner Michal Strnad.


Contact person: Jan Mikula
Address: Pražská 341, Zelené předměstí, 53002 Pardubice, Czech rep.
Identification no.: 25251929
Fax: +420 466 852 507
We cooperate withEN - LEXEN - AOBP