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MSM GROUP s.r.o.

Company Profile:

MSM GROUP controls subsidiaries with a portfolio in a defense and civil engineering industry. The Group's goal is to strategically manage its subsidiaries to effectively acquire and manage their supply contracts.

The Group's companies provide for the entire life cycle of ammunition, military wheeled and tracked vehicles, radio navigation electronics for airports, helicopter pilots’ trainings, special containers and information technology. Business portfolio of MSM GROUP companies covers technology development, design, production, as well as subsequent machinery service, maintenance and modernization. MSM GROUP also offers technology transfers. MSM GROUP brings together all the activities of its companies with an emphasis on increasing efficiency and expanding the historically proven reputation of its brands to the global markets.


Contact person: Lucia Ollé
Address: Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia
Phone: +421 422 855 100
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