400 army rookies pledged allegiance to the Czech Republic

 01. 02. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Almost four hundred new members of the Army of the Czech Republic pledged allegiance to the Czech Republic during the traditional solemn military oath. Members of the Basic Military Training of The Training Command - Military Academy took an oath on Thursday, January 30, in the area of the Dědice barracks in Vyškov.

Picture: The guard of honour brings the battle banner to the solemn oath in Vyškov | army.cz

388 new soldiers pledged allegiance to our country. They are recruits of the Army of the Czech Republic, future military professionals who started basic military training at the beginning of this year. It was the first solemn military oath in 2020.

Picture: Recruits at the solemn military oath in Vyškov | army.cz

"I expect you to honour and uphold traditional military values, such as responsibility, justice, dedication, courage, loyalty and honour," said the Brigadier General Radek Hasala, Commander of the Training Command - Military Academy to the recruits. “You have decided to change your life, serve the Republic, often give up the comfort of your home and undergo demanding military training, submit to the organized character and discipline of the military, obey orders and prepare for battle. You are learning the first military steps here in Vyškov. Your decision shows not only courage but also patriotism, which is inseparable from soldiers,” added General Hasala.

8_1914Picture: “So we swear!” sounded from the mouths of 388 new soldiers in Vyškov | army.cz

The recruits remain in the probationary period. In order to become legitimate professionals, they must successfully complete a basic military training, which means seven more weeks of challenging basic training and meeting all of its necessary criteria.

Picture: Recruits during the ceremonial march | army.cz

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