Česká zbrojovka extends its configuration systems with the pistol CZ SHADOW 2

 19. 03. 2020      category: Events
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Now the customers of Česká zbrojovka can also newly reconfigure the pistol CZ SHADOW 2 thanks to the configurator that simply enables to upgrade their weapon (in terms of both the function and design).  Let us introduce this weapon and its possible modifications in more detail.

The series CZ SHADOW 2 is a family of high-end, large-scale and all-steel pistols for modern dynamic sports disciplines.  Good shooters shoot well with these models and the best ones are absolute winners in the most prestigious competitions according to the IPSC rules. At the same time, these are the weapons that will serve well for effective self-defence.

In terms of the design, these elegant and completely reliable pistols follow the successful family of the CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW, which ruled the Production Sports Shooting Division according to the IPSC for a decade and which the series CZ SHADOW 2 has surpassed in all key factors.

Picture: Series CZ SHADOW 2 is a family of high-end, large-scale and all-steel pistols for modern dynamic sports disciplines | CZUB

This demanding mission was completed thanks to close cooperation with the elite shooters of the CZ Shooting Team and involvement of the latest development procedures and technologies. The pistols CZ SHADOW 2 have a radically modernized slide and frame, which, along with the extended barrel, allow them to shoot more accurately and faster. The trigger mechanism has been tuned for smoother operation and has a shortened reset. The frame and handle are shaped in order to create as comfortable and deep grip as possible. The distinctive checkering ensures an absolutely reliable contact of the shooting hand with the weapon in all circumstances. 

The precise production on robotic machining centres without manual work contributes significantly to the exclusive quality and excellent accuracy of the series CZ SHADOW 2.  The surface coating of these weapons is inspired by service models and guarantees extreme resistance to corrosion, weather resistance and mechanical damage. 

Picture: The pistol CZ SHADOW 2 is also used by the best shooter of the CZ Shooting Team and, at the same time, the best shooter of the world (in his category) – the Frenchman Eric Grauffel. | CZUB

The pistol CZ SHADOW 2 is also used by the best shooter of the CZ Shooting Team and, at the same time, the best shooter of the world (in his category) – the Frenchman Eric Grauffel. Erich has been shooting in the category Production in the IPSC competitions and is the multiple World and European Champion.

Picture: Configuration of the pistol CZ SHADOW 2 may come out like this | CZUB

It is possible to modify /extend the basic version of the pistol CZ SHADOW 2 in various ways in the configurator.  For example, you can choose the colour of the frame or the pistol slide from 4 different colours. You can choose a suitable colour design for other parts of the weapon, too. You can also choose different sights, optics, mag guide, trigger, etc. The configurator also allows to optimize the gun for left-handed people.

In addition to the configuration CZ SHADOW 2 pistol, other weapons are also available. E.g. P-10 pistol or CZ Scorpion Evo 3 submachine gun. For the CZ models mentioned, the customers can add optics, use improved parts of the weapon or enhance the design with their favourite colours or engraving. All of the changes are instantly displayed in a preview that you can share with your friends or experts to discuss.

Picture: Configurator design | CZUB

After every change, you can see the price instantly so you can control your modifications according to your financial capacity. As a bonus, you can set up a gift account where more people can contribute to. You can send the link to the account to your loved ones and make picking a birthday gift for you much easier. The configured weapon is then assembled right at the Česká zbrojovka. Unlike conventional cases where some components of a weapon are additionally changed or added, which leads to the loss of the product's warranty, the configured weapon has a standard warranty that can be extended. The weapon is usually dispatched within 14 days.

Picture: The configured weapon is then assembled right at the Česká zbrojovka| CZUB

25 000 000. That is from how many combinations of one product a sports shooter or a hunter can choose if he decides to assemble a new weapon with the help of the Česká zbrojovka configurator and to send it into production right away. It has not been possible yet anywhere else in the world. ITeuro, a.s. together with AITOM Digital s.r.o. participated in creating this solution, which is based on the product Infor CPQ.

"I was purposefully looking for an IT solution that we wouldn’t have to program from the scratch. I've had several big IT projects in big companies and I would definitely choose a configurator that already exists, that I can look at and that has a long-term support. It is always more expensive to go the way of own development and it always takes much longer than it seems at the beginning," explains Petr Pištělák, Global Head of Retail at CZ Group holding.

Picture: The configured weapons have a standard warranty that can be extended. | CZUB

The preparation of the configurator took approximately 7 months from the first meeting to the market launch. Česká zbrojovka has been using other ITeuro products for a long time. Specifically, it is the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP Manufacturing Software for manufacture management and InduStream application for digital support of processes directly in manufacturing.

 Author: Patrik Beran

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