Czech aircraft Aero L-39NG has been certified and met all the conditions for series production

 22. 09. 2020      category: Events
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The Aero Vodochody can celebrate. Its latest achievement, the light jet L-39 NG, the successor of the tradition of the legendary aircraft L-39 Albatros, received a Type Certificate. Nothing stands in the way of production and sales now. The question is how the aircraft will perform in the competition and with a view to the current budget cuts due to the coronavirus.

eský letoun L-39 NG byl již certifikován, tedy splnil veškeré podmínky pro sériovou výrobuPicture: Czech aircraft L-39NG (in the picture) has been already certified and thus met all the conditions for series production |

This is the completion of 13 years of the Penta´s operation in the largest Czech aircraft manufacturer, Aero Vodochody. “This is a turning point, the special achievement of Aero´s employees which proves that returning the production of our own jets to Aero was our correct decision. The current investments in the project have exceeded 2 billion CZK. It represents the basis for a good future,” said Marek Dospiva, co-owner of Penta Investments. The new aircraft which continues the tradition of the legendary training aircrafts L-39 Albatros was certified less than two years after the introduction of the first prototype. 

“This is great news for both the L-39NG and the entire Czech Aviation industry. Obtaining certification is an important milestone in the development of the aircrafts and at the same moment it is an important message for our customers. I would like to thank all those who contributed to this exceptional success,” added Jiří Podpěra, the President of Omnipol company, who is a strategic partner in the new aircraft project. 

Receiving a Type Certificate means that the aircraft is airworthy and meets safety requirements. Certification is also a basic presumption for deliveries to customers. The L-39NG is one of the first aircrafts to be certified according to the new supranational military standards (EMAR 21 and EMACC) which means that its certification is recognized by all EU and NATO military authorities. The certification of the aircraft proceeded according to the plan. There were about 300 test flights on two flight prototypes and extensive ground tests on two other prototypes as part of the tests. 

l-39ng-flight-koubaPicture: Aircraft L-39NG | Aero Vodochody

The certification of the aircraft proceeded according to the plan. As part of the tests, there were about 300 test flights on two flight prototypes and extensive ground tests on two other prototypes. 

The question now remains how the L-39NG will do. Many countries have already shown an interest, especially from Africa. Several pieces are also expected to be used in CLV Pardubice, i.e. in the training centre under the heading LOM Prague. The current time is not easy, so we can only hope that the L-39NG will do well, however, it is probably not expected to build on the success of the imaginary predecessor of the Aero L-39 Albatros.  

The L-39NG aircraft is a modern and efficient light jet aircraft capable of fulfilling the role of a light fighter, and unified and complex aircraft for fully-fledged training of pilots of the modern air force. The aircraft comes out from the aerodynamic concept of the original L-39 with optimized elements to reduce resistance and increase efficiency. It uses contemporary production technology and modern equipment.  The driving mechanism is provided by highly economic engine FJ44-4M supplied by the TAP Blue maintenance system which provides users with unprecedented flight capabilities and predictability of maintenance costs. The avionics of the aircraft is ready for the training of future pilots of fourth and fifth generation aircraft and can be adapted to a large extent to customer requirements. The aircraft is equipped with five hangers for carrying weapons in the combat variant. The aircraft also consists of a wide range of simulation technologies, including involvement in a highly modern tactical simulation centre with the aim to increase the effectiveness of training. The strategic partner of the project L-39NG is the company OMNIPOL, a.s. that co-finances 50 % and is the owner. 

 Author: Karel Podskalský

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