06. 05. 2019      category: Events
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The international defence exhibition IDEB Bratislava is an important showcase of defence and security technologies in Central Europe with a strong international participation of exhibitors and professional visitors. With selected audience since its first edition in 2006, the IDEB exhibition is a specialized event that follows political, economic and security situation in Slovakia and around the world. The last edition proved that IDEB rightly belongs to a calendar of such oriented important events and is one of the most significant events of its kind.

For Slovak defence industry representatives, IDEB means a great opportunity not only for presentation, but also for gaining new contacts with foreign partners at home, which can lead to strengthening their chances on foreign markets. 

For foreign subjects trying to succeed within the V4 countries this event is a unique opportunity for presentation and gaining contacts with representatives of the resort of defence, armed forces and security units from Central Europe.

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