Military police want to have a possibility to destroy dangerous drones

 08. 11. 2019      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Nowadays the market with drones is saturated. It is possible to choose from really inexhaustible quantity. Bearing capacity of drones should be also mentioned in connection with it. Drones with a bearing capacity up to tens of decagrams and with more than one-kilometre outreach from operators can be bought at the usual market and for reasonable prices. This combination of bearing capacity and outreach creates a potential danger of the terrorist threat. The Military Police, however, after entering into force the novel of the law, could get a right to gain control of this equipment or to destroy it.

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Picture: Military police want the ability to destroy dangerous drones | Shutterstock

After changing the law, the military policemen would be the first security unit in the Czech Republic, which would get this ability, because a similar law for the Police of the Czech Republic is still being drafted. The military policemen in addition also ask for a possibility to disturb mobile signals in case of a threat, and thus to prevent from ignition of improvised explosive devices (IED). Our soldiers have rich experience with such explosive substances from Afghanistan.

All this should be solved in the novel of the Military Police Law, which MoD has sent to the comment procedure. “Through this novel, we want to legalize a possibility of limitation of operation of unmanned aerial vehicles above military facilities to avoid risk to health and life, and, for example, to disturb electronic signals,” said Speaker of MoD Jan Pejšek. No frame regarding the methods how military policemen could gain control of drones or destroy them has been specified up till now. “Surely, at first, non-violent forms would be chosen, such as an appeal. Destruction of drones would be an extreme solution,” added Speaker of MoD Pejšek.

After interruption of the original signal, an operator (in this case, a policeman or a soldier) can manipulate the drone by means of a device looking like a gun. The operator can locate the drone with this device and control its flight as necessary. So, he/she is able to land the drone on the nearest safe place or to fall down to the ground.

State Enterprise VOP CZ also disposes of special ammunition for shotguns, which rolls out a fine steel network after being fired. This network will block the drone rotor, and consequently the drone will fall down to the ground. It is a relatively effective solution provided that the gunman hits the drone.

Another solution is elimination of a suspicious drone by a bigger drone equipped with a net. This network literally swallows up the enemy aerial vehicle. The BRUS drone, also manufactured by VOP CZ, could be used in the Czech Republic for these purposes. However its price is relatively high (reaches approximately one million CZK).

 Author: Patrik Beran

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