Our unit ‘Guardian Angels’ comes back from Afghanistan

 09. 02. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The unit Guardian Angels ended its operation in Afghanistan after nearly 5 years.  Originally, these protectors were a part of the Air Advisor Team (AAT). They have been working independently within the Task Force of the Army of the Czech Republic since 2019.  Last time they were responsible for the safety of the allied language tutors.

Picture: The Guardian Angels unit in the collective photo | army.cz

The last unit of the Guardian Angels has operated at the HKIA Kabul military airbase (Hamid Karzai International Airport) since last August. It consisted of 21 soldiers from departments across the country – for example, from the 22nd helicopter base, 31st Regiment of radiation, chemical and biological protection or 71st Mechanized Battalion.  Members of the Castle Guard, which sent its troops to a foreign mission for the first time ever, were the members of the team.

Picture: The Guardian Angels unit in the collective photo | army.cz

“Our unit was mainly responsible for ensuring protection of instructors who were involved in teaching English language of future pilots and air force technicians in the Afghan army. This operational task required a lot of attention as there were from 150 to 200 Afghan students present at the place where the tuition took place every day,” said the commander of the Guardian Angles unit, the Lieutenant J.H.  On the grounds that the protectors guarded the lecturers not only during the tuition, physically in the classrooms, accompanying them on their way to and from home, outside the base.

Picture: Demonstration of the Guardian Angels during the CLS training (Combat Life Saver, first aid in the field conditions) | army.cz

All the members of the team took part in the combined arms training that lasted for several months with emphasis on shooting and tactical training before the deployment. They also completed a specialized course in the personal protection, which covered the preparation of drivers in armoured vehicles in extreme conditions, and first aid courses. 

The Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar also announced the termination of the guard company at the Bagrám base at the end of the last year. The soldiers should stay here until the end of March. The army in Afghanistan will focus primarily on supporting the training of local forces and plans to send more military doctors to the country. Czech soldiers, along with the allies, have been in charge of the external security of the base for more than six years. 

Picture: Czech soldiers, along with the allies, have been in charge of the external security for more than six years. | army.cz

Currently, the army will probably focus on the Mali area where it is also possible to gain a lot of experience, both with regard to guarding the mission headquarters in Bamako, as well as training and other activities in the Koulikoro area. Repeated attacks by Islamists suggest that there will be no peace even here.

Picture: Our soldiers in Mali | army.cz

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