Reportage from the course of tank commanders and gunners

 29. 04. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The 73rd Tank Battalion of the Czech Army recently held a course of tank commanders and gunners (on T-72M4 CZ). The course is organized every year depending on the number of new members of the battalion's tank companies. We took part in this interesting course and we bring you the reportage below.

Video: Reportage from the course of tank commanders and gunners / YouTube

The participants of the course were waiting for a large amount of information necessary to master the control of the turret set of the modernized T-72M4 CZ tank. The course is designed so that tankers learn to effectively use all the capabilities of the weapon and fire control system. Mastering these skills is essential for the effective conduct of combat operations and possibly for the survival of the tank on a modern battlefield.

tank_03Picture: From the course of tank commanders and gunners | J. Macošek / CZ Defence

The guarantor of the course is the Military Academy - Vyškov Training Command - CPřPozS (Ground Forces Training Center) under the leadership of the Chief of the Mechanized Army Training Department, Major Luděk Navrátil. Throughout the course, instructors from the 73rd Tank Battalion took care of the course participants. Professionals with tank expertise who have many years of experience with modernized tanks since their introduction.

tank_01Picture: From the course of tank commanders and gunners | J. Macošek / CZ Defence

The last week of the course was devoted to the final exams, which were divided into theoretical and practical part. Each individual answered two questions, which he had 15-20 minutes to answer, depending on their extent. After that, there was no choice but to verify the new knowledge and skills of the new tankers by shooting at the shooting range of combat vehicles. The first real shooting from a tank was and is a real challenge for new gunner even after hours of training on shooting simulators, which really simulate the whole process of firing.

Video: Shooting from a T-72M4 CZ tank at the 73rd Tank Battalion of the Czech Army (panoramic video - use the arrows in the upper left corner of the screen to rotate the camera in the desired direction or press and hold the left mouse button and then move the mouse in the desired direction. use the "+" and "-" keys) / YouTube

Therefore, in the first phase, the tankers fired using inserted M. 85 weapon caliber 14.5 mm. After completing the tasks of this phase, the newcomers were qualified to conduct full-caliber shooting - ie ammunition caliber 125 mm. It was an unforgettable experience for new gunners. All targets on the shooting range were hit and the goal of the training was accomplished. The whole course of the shootings was accompanied by real April weather, when the sun alternated with rain. After returning to their unit, a demanding maintenance of equipment and weapons was awaiting the graduates. It is an integral part of training and shooting from the tank.

tank_02Picture: From the course of tank commanders and gunners | J. Macošek / CZ Defence

The imaginary point of the whole course was the presentation of a certificate of successful completion of the course. "Congratulations to all on a successful completion of the course. We are a unique unit of our Army. Uniqueness is not just about the technology we master, but mainly about the people who control it. There is a long way to go. Lots of hard work, deepening knowledge and gaining experience. Be duly proud that you are a tanker," Lt. Col. Vít Ducháček, the battalion commander, said at the end of the entire course.

 Author: Michal Pivoňka

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