Senegal will buy L-39 NG from Aero Vodochody. An opportunity arises for other local companies.

 10. 02. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The signing of the contract for the purchase of four L-39 NG jet trainers to Senegal is being awaited in the following weeks.  Worsening security situation in West Africa forces local countries to act and it brings opportunities for the Czech Defence Industry.  Senegal showed interest in the jet trainers for the first time in 2018.

Picture: Deputy Minister for Industrial Cooperation of Ministry of Defence Tomáš Kopečný negotiated on Friday 17th January with Minister for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Senegal Sidiki Kaba and Chief of General Staff, General Birame Diop. |

The Czech and Senegalese Armed Forces currently cooperate on ensuring the security situation in Mali via MINUSMA and EUTM missions. The Czech Army will start to be in charge of the mission in the following months which also means higher engagement in the region and closer cooperation which can bring new opportunities for domestic defence industry.  “We have agreed on closer cooperation and exchange of information and experience in connection with increasing engagement of the Czech Republic in the region and also thanks to very important influence that Senegal has there. Senegal appreciates the active role that the Czech Republic has in the region“, said Deputy Minister of Ministry of Defence Tomáš Kopečný.

Picture: The first public presentation of the L-39NG during the NATO Days 2019 | Wikimedia Commons

Senegal is a stable, safe country that is not driven by violence or any tribe conflicts.  Moreover, over one thousand Senegalese soldiers are deployed in West Africa in joint missions to support stabilization.  “The Senegalese Armed Forces are currently going through major reconstruction and they increase their abilities via many acquisitions which means a huge opportunity for the Czech industry. Not only the above-mentioned planes but also other Czech companies will get new opportunities“ confirmed Kopečný.

Picture: The Senegalese army has approximately 17,000 members.  The soldiers are very well trained in comparison with other countries in the region | Wikimedia Commons

The Senegalese army has approximately 17,000 members. The soldiers are very well trained in comparison with other countries in the region and they have had a great reputation since the era of Senegalese shooters who served in French units in WWI and WWII.  Senegalese want to keep their reputation and they know that modern armoury, training and machinery are the basis of high-quality army.  Moreover, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Defence Tomáš Kopečný is very competent and he is able to negotiate many important deals for local companies.  For example, the Czechoslovak Group company could be employed in military equipment.

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Picture: The STV GROUP company could also have a chance in Senegal | FB STV Group

The STV GROUP company could also have a chance in Senegal. The company offers a wide range of ammunition and munition, from cartridges of assault rifles to medium-calibre and large-calibre ammunition including anti-tank ammunition and 81 mm and 120 mm mortars or 122 mm rockets that could be suitable for Senegalese Bastion-01 equipped with the BM-21 GRAD rocket launcher. The company also offers anti-tank weapons, assault rifles or armoured vehicles, mainly tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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