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 12. 05. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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At the beginning of last year, a Deployable Forces Support Battalion began to form in Rakovník. Not only is its role anchored within our Army, but at the same time the barracks are being restored and the buildings and spaces of the garrison are being reconstructed. The battalion is a subordinate element of the Logistics Agency for the logistical support of HNS (Host Nation Support) to coalition partners of NATO, the EU and the UN in the Czech Republic. Its main tasks will include the logistical provision of support points for coalition partners in the Czech Republic and beyond (the so-called RSOM - Reception, Staging and Onward Movement), the construction of a center with accommodation, facilities and refueling.

spojenciPicture: The main tasks of the battalion will include the logistical provision of support points for coalition partners in the Czech Republic and beyond. (illustration photo) | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

Furthermore, the regulation of the movement of equipment at important points, such as intersections, ports or airports by mobile control teams. These teams are designed to take over convoys of foreign armies at border crossings, accompany them through our territory and guide them to training sites. The battalion should also set aside other elements of logistics security (V4 JLSG HQ - Joint Logistic Support Group). This is to support the joint efforts of the Visegrad Group V4 countries to create a joint logistical support management team.

In short, the list of future activities of the battalion includes the construction of a tent city, where soldiers can rest, eat, refuel, check and repair equipment, park, store material and ammunition. Furthermore, the battalion will establish reception centers, which are necessary for the coordination of troops and ensure their transfer to the operational area. After reaching 100% occupancy with personnel, armaments, materials and equipment, this unit should be able to handle up to two thousand soldiers and take care of 900 pieces of equipment under certain conditions. It is expected that the soldiers will be able to handle 200 containers and 500 tons of material. In peace the battalion is divided into several companies, an aid station and an element of garrison support. All parts together form a mechanism of comprehensive logistics. In total, more than six hundred military professionals and civilian employees should work there.

The 1st Support Company 

The main task of the 1st Company is to provide logistical background for HNS support. The task is to operate a Convoy Support Center in the Czech Republic (transfers of equipment), where accommodation, meals, medical security and hygiene for soldiers will be provided. The Center will also be used for parking and refueling vehicles. Another task will be to ensure the parking of vehicles transporting ammunition and the removal of inoperable equipment.

The 2nd Support Company 

The main task of the 2nd Support Company is to secure the Convoy Support Center in the Czech Republic and abroad for the benefit of NATO, EU and UN units, which will provide passing convoys with the opportunity to refuel with equipment. This center will include accommodation, meals, hygiene and first aid for soldiers of moving units. The unit is also able to provide parking for ammunition vehicles. 

The 3rd Support Company 

Operates a Staging Area. It provides accommodation, meals, hygiene facilities and health care for up to 500 people and for 200 pieces of parking equipment and refueling per day. The task is similar to the second company. In addition, it can handle material up to 500 tons, up to 200 containers. The second transport platoon is part of all three companies and is composed of Active Reserve. The recruiting of reservists for the unit should start in 2021. The main types of equipment for all three companies are container loaders (MLF, KLAUS), trucks (T-815) with trailer, fuel and water tanks, special fecal, recovery vehicle, tractor of semi-trailers, container kitchen, cells with showers and toilets.

8_2047Picture: Coat of Arms of the Rakovník Deployable Forces Support Battalion | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

The Command Company 

The task of the Command Company is to ensure the needs of the normal operation of the staff. The company in the field is building a battalion command post and sets aside its members to protect and defend this post. It also takes care of the construction and necessary engineering modifications for the assembly of damaged equipment and the field ammunition depot. The company has a liaison platoon, which is designed to secure the connection within the battalion. The platoon of mobile control teams is able to coordinate, manage and monitor traffic at important transport hubs (railway stations, airports, ports, border crossings). Main types of equipment: trucks with trailer, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicle, R-7-P workplace on an LRD chassis.

The Logistics Company 

The primary task of the Logistics Company is to provide logistical support to battalion units. Implement handling, transport, transportation and storage of all types of material. It is able to perform maintenance and repairs of battalion vehicles. It takes care of recovering and removing damaged vehicles. The company ensures the activity and protection of the Staging Area and field ammunition depot. Main types of equipment: truck with trailer, containers, mobile workshop, tractor for semi-trailers.

The Aid Station 

The Aid Station will provide basic medical care, build a field aid station, provide initial professional treatment for the wounded, sort them and move them from the area of combat activities. It also provides professional medical training for individuals and CLS (Combat Life Saver) specialists. At present, the Aid Station participates, for example, in the regular testing of soldiers from the department's profession. It also supports shooting drills, KC from driving training, etc. Equipment: Ambulance, mobile infirmary and lashing room. Another unit involved in the operation of the battalion is the so-called Garrison Support Element, which provides tasks related to the operation of garrison facilities and buildings.

 Author: Vladimír Marek

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