Soldiers from Žatec train with the new liaison Pandurs and appreciate their modern technologies

 13. 09. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Soldiers of the 41st Mechanized Battalion in Žatec took over five wheeled armoured Pandur vehicles in a command-staff and liaison version in February. These days, the training of their four-man crews has started at the unit training ground.

01_4570Picture: Soldiers of the 41st Mechanized Battalion started fully to train with two new modifications of wheeled armoured Pandur vehicles|

“These vehicles perfectly meet the ideas of the armament of the 21st century. Thanks to their integration into our battle group, we will be fully compatible with other alliance partners,” says Battalion Commander, the Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Kočica. The vehicles in the liaison version are designed for communication at the battalion level with subordinate units. The second command and staff version is used for connection to the superior level of command, to the brigade headquarters in this case.

Pandurs are able to connect with any location in the world

Apart from the armoured protection and mobility, the soldiers highlight especially cutting-edge Harris radio stations.

“For us, these two new modifications are a huge benefit, especially in terms of vehicle capabilities, such as the integrated mast that enables very fast exposure and, therefore, the connection over long distances in a short time. Another benefit is the safety communication,” explains the Commander of the Liaison Platoon of the 41st Mechanized Battalion, the Lieutenant Josef Babáček.  Thanks to these technologies, which are fully compatible with the resources of most Alliance armies, the soldiers can immediately communicate and provide connection in Afghanistan, Mali, Lithuania, but virtually anywhere in the world.  

The vehicle also consists of the staff workplace that includes an inflatable tent where the computers, printers and projectors are, simply everything a Battalion Command needs to be able to conduct a combat operation. “We will develop this place of command, connect it to this vehicle and interconnect to other networks with its help so that the staff is connected, for instance, to the army network, or to other places,” explains the Lieutenant Babáček.  

Picture: Soldiers from Žatec especially appreciate new technologies of fasteners in the new Pandurs |

In the field, Pandur crews are able to operate with logistical support for an unlimited duration. Two weeks, a month or more. Therefore, the vehicle equipment is based on thermal comfort. It is certainly pleasant for the crew, but necessary for given technologies that require a stable temperature in particular. “There is a built-in filter ventilation device against chemical attacks which is also a standard for Pandur vehicles. However, it also has an air conditioning unit. Hygienic conditions are very good and the vehicle works as long as it has fuel. Then, its supply is carried out by the battalion’s logistics company,” adds Babáček.

High level of encrypted information

Vehicles offer all kinds of liaison that can be used in the Army. Satellite, HF connection, VHF and UHF. Soldiers can use both the omnidirectional and directional antennas, for example, for radio relay communication. “With respect to electronic warfare, we transmit all information encrypted, which we did not have at such a level before,” the Lieutenant Josef Babáček describes the new technologies. Thanks to the encryption, the enemy is not able to decrypt this information fast enough and is not able to detect any information in real time. “Technologies use such a level of encryption that the enemies would have to use more complex technological means and, before they could access the encrypted information, it would be obsolete for them and thus worthless. Both the variants of the new Pandurs also have a jammer in their equipment which is another advantage. If necessary, we can, on the contrary, interrupt the signals in the vicinity and clean the area,” Babáček emphasizes the advantages.

 Author: Jana Deckerová

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