Soldiers tried out vehicle removal and recovery, they are self-sufficient with their own equipment

 05. 08. 2023      category: Events
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The training of the 3rd Company of the Czech Army in the Multinational Battle Group (MN BG SVK) in Slovakia has been in full swing since taking over the operational task. The theme of one of the first exercises, which involved all represented international units, was self-clearing, towing and vehicle removal.

odsunPicture: Drivers of light HMMWVs also tested the possibility of removal with the help of an adapter on Flatrack platforms, including attachment to a transport vehicle. | cpt. Martin Vaňourek

The multinational group has nearly 200 pieces of equipment, so the exercise was designed to test how they can be transported, moved or recovered by means other than those of any one army. Several simulated situations that could occur during training or in real combat were prepared.

valukPicture: Compatibility within the framework of equipment removal was tested and verified by practical driving between the German Fahrzeugkran Leicht and the Slovenian vehicle VALUK. | cpt. Martin Vaňourek

The first subject was the removal of equipment, training the driver of a towed and towed vehicle using a rope or tow bar. "It turned out that we do not have a problem in the area of removal of any equipment. For example, we have tested that a light Slovenian armoured vehicle VALUK can be towed using a field medium crane (Fahrzeugkran leicht) from the Bundeswehr armament. In this respect, we can be completely satisfied," said Warrant Officer J.S. from the multinational unit's headquarters.

podvallnikPicture: The transport capacity of the P-50 N sleeper allowed for the exercise of transporting trucks, which are at the disposal of the mortar platoon of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic. | cpt. Martin Vaňourek

The soldiers also explored the possibilities of the transport means available at the Leszto training area and the drivers practiced the entry and exit of the P-50 N. "In this case we tried a variation: a flatbed used in our army with a light American HMMWV. And also a Tatra 815/7 Multilift MSH 165-SCA, which allows loading and unloading by means of a Flatrack platform, where we also placed an American HMMWV," explained Warrant Officer J.S., adding that part of this training was also fixing the loaded vehicles on the transport vehicle.

The military vehicle Tatra 815/7 MSH hook loader is a heavy off-road vehicle of the VN3 category. It is a military security vehicle. It is designed for transport and handling of ISO 1C, 1CC containers and "Flatrack" platforms, for operation on roads, in difficult terrain conditions and trailer towing. The vehicle is capable of transporting special bodies and materials in difficult terrain at higher speeds compared to conventional trucks.

Leopard pulled by Tatra

The final subject was the recovery of a stranded German Leopard 2A6 tank using a Czech Tatra 815 AV15. If the Leopard had a damaged gearbox or other mechanism affecting the tank's movement, its almost sixty-four tonnes would have required the deployment of a German Büfell recovery tank, which is also available to the group and was involved in the training," the Czech soldier explained.

leopardPicture: Tatra 815 AV15 practically tested the rescue of a German Leopard 2A6 tank including the crew from a trench using two ropes and a winch. | cpt. Martin Vaňourek

Warrant Officer J.S. was satisfied with the result of the training: what was supposed to be practiced and tested was successful. "If something was not fulfilled, it was about the technical limits of the resources, and we can no longer influence them," he added. In his words, it was about transporting and extricating German Leopard tanks, whose weight is beyond the current capabilities of our army. The solution to this shortfall in the rearmament of Leopard 2A4 tanks in our army will include the introduction of appropriate recovery equipment.

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