The Army is again sending soldiers to hospitals

 14. 11. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Starting Monday, 15 November, the first 40 soldiers will help in medical and social facilities in the Olomouc and Zlín regions. On the way to the Central Crisis Staff, the Czech Army has received a total of eight requests for assistance, mainly auxiliary work such as positioning, assisting with hygiene or taking meals. Requests were sent by hospital facilities and one home for the elderly. In addition to assisting clients, the soldiers will also help with cleaning or running the reception desk.

Soldiers will assist at the facilities in groups of four to six Soldiers in 8 to 12-hour shifts. Their expected deployment time is two weeks with the possibility of an extension.

posledni-pripravy-pred-oficialnim-predani-zarizeniPicture: Starting Monday, 15 November, the first 40 soldiers will help in medical and social facilities in the Olomouc and Zlín regions. (illustration photo) | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Vojáci budou vysláni na základě Nařízení vlády České republiky č. 172/2020 Sb., o použití Armády České republiky k záchranným pracím v souvislosti s prokázáním výskytu koronaviru SARS-CoV-2 ze dne 14. dubna 2020. K pomocným pracím může být vysláno nejvýše 900 vojáků. Proočkovanost vojáků Armády České republiky je 85 %.

The Army is willing to help wherever it is needed

Members of the Army of the Czech Republic have been regularly helping in the fight against coronavirus since last year, when they were involved in the so-called Smart Quarantine, but they also helped in a number of hospitals, Alzheimer centres in Ostrava and Jihlava and the National Vaccination Centre O2 universum in Prague.

Then, in mid-July 2021, Active Reserve (AZ) soldiers were deployed for the first time at the National Vaccination Centre O2 universum in Prague, where they assisted the staff of the Central Military Hospital. The reservists supplemented the professional soldiers who had been serving at the centre since its opening, providing assistance and overseeing the running and safety of the centre.

This year, our soldiers also assisted in South Moravia in the aftermath of the tornado disaster, where nearly a thousand of our soldiers took their turn. They and their heavy engineer equipment helped with rescue and liquidation work for two months. Many other professional and Active Reserve soldiers then helped as volunteers.

The Army is thus giving a clear signal to the public that it is willing to help wherever it is needed.

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