The Czech Army has taken over the first batch of new Toyota Hilux vehicles

 17. 08. 2021      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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At the beginning of the month, Czech Army representatives took over the first batch of new Toyota Hilux vehicles. The first 65 pieces of these cars traveled to selected corps last week. By the end of 2024, the Army should receive a total of 1,200 new Toyota Hilux cars to replace the current UAZ 469 and Land Rover Defender vehicles.

Picture: Toyota Hilux will replace UAZs and Land Rover, a total of 1,200 ordered by the Army | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

The modernization of the vehicle fleet this summer has finally taken on a real dimension. The first 65 Toyota Hilux vehicles are already on their way to their corps. By 2024, the Army should receive a total of 1,200 new cars. These vehicles will be supplied to the Army by Glomex MS, with which the Ministry of Defense signed the contract last November. The replacement of the vehicle fleet will cost a total of CZK 1.07 billion.

The actual takeover of the new cars was preceded by a thorough three-week testing, which was the task of the specialists from the 14th Logistics Support Regiment. Selected test drivers drove almost 5,000 kilometers. They tried roads, dirt roads and challenging terrain. All the drivers praised Hilux very much and agreed that the vehicle exceeded their expectations. Among other things, it was also tested how easy the basic repairs (replacement of lights, etc.) and basic maintenance will be. The Army's requirement was that Hilux be in civilian configuration. The only change was green army paint and rifle holders. In the engine compartment we find a 2.4 D-4D engine with an output of 110 kW (150 hp) with all-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission.

Picture: Testing took 3 weeks, the car got particularly busy in difficult terrain | Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic

Toyota Hilux is the successor to UAZ 469 vehicles, of which there are still over 500 in service. UAZs have been serving in our Army for over 40 years, so modernization is very much in place. Although UAZs have been popular with military drivers for their high off-road capability, Hiluxes are incomparably more comfortable, better equipped and have significantly higher performance. Among other things, some soldiers also remarked that they would not have to be ashamed on the roads in the new Toyota Hilux cars, as was the case with the obsolete UAZs. Hilux will also replace the current Land Rover Defender vehicles, as the models are no longer in production and it will be more difficult to find parts.

Toyota will not serve as combat vehicles. Ideally, battlefields will be avoided. Their primary purpose is to transport people and material. During the test weeks, in addition to driving characteristics, the payload (890 kg) and the maximum weight of the braked trailer (3500 kg) were also tested. The vehicle is designed to transport 5 people. Transported material can be loaded on both the body and the roof.

New vehicles should therefore be a full-fledged means of transporting people / material. Given the terrain for which the Toyota is designed, it might not be a good idea to equip the vehicle with strength bumpers and winches. As mentioned above, by 2024, the Toyota Hilux should reach almost all Czech Army units.

Video: Toyota Hilux testing process / YouTube

 Author: Dominik Kačírek

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