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When the production of armoured vehicles started in the company SVOS Přelouč in the early 1990s, the company´s management decided to start their own production of bullet-resistant and safety glass. The reason was not only their own need, but also the export potential – currently it ranks among a limited number of the European companies with a similar production programme. The TRAAM company was created by transformation of the division of the safety glass production of the company SVOS, spol. s.r.o. and operates in separate premises with new halls about 500 m from the parent company SVOS. 

TRAAM - výroba balistických skel
Picture: TRAAM company was created by transformation of the division of the safety glass production of the company SVOS, spol. s.r.o. |TRAAM archive

 “The use of our laminated glass is relatively wide,” states Ing. Štěpán Černý, the Sales Director of the company SVOS, spol. s.r.o. “The TRAAM safety and bullet-resistant glass is used practically all over the world for luxury civilian cars, in special military, police and fire vehicles or in vehicles carrying valuables, but also for security storage facilities, for instance, glazed display cabinets or display cases for valuables in museums or galleries. In addition, we are able to supply glazed security walls or windows for specialized workplaces of state institutions, government agencies, embassies, banks or private residences.”

The company focuses on its own research and development of composite, bullet-resistant glass. Weapons and ammunition have been constantly improved and it is necessary to respond to this.  “Therefore, we are searching for the latest materials and processing methods so that our glasses meet internationally recognized standards,” states Ing. Jaroslav Černý, the General Director of the SVOS company. “Our products have been tested by leading European testing institutes and we are proud that they meet or exceed the requirements on resistance against the shock waves, manual attack, ammunition and fragments. This, of course, opens the door to foreign markets.” 

Picture: TRAAM bulletproof glass in the IVECO vehicle | archive TRAAM

Laminated safety glass with the lowest levels of protection protects against cuts and injuries in the event of an accidental crash. At higher levels of protection, they provide protection against manual attacks from petty crimes and the highest level provides protection against organized burglary and armed attack. 

The glass is characterized by high light transmission. “Based on the customer requirements, we are able integrate frames, embrasures and other components,” states Ing. Jiří Stříteský, the Executive Director of the TRAAM company. “The heating system without blocking the transmission of signals or waves can be the part of our glass, which allows passengers and vehicle systems to work properly. The compatibility with night vision devices and fully transparent electromagnetic radiation shielding of 40 dB or more is also important. The bullet-resistant glass can be supplied complete with bullet-resistant steel frame, which facilitates quick installation. Our windshields show excellent optical quality even with high curvature.” 

The TRAAM company is able to supply safety and bulletproof glass in the sizes based on the customer requirements, even up to large sizes. The glass can be supplied separately or set in special frames, cabinets or display cases. The company also owns dozens of forms for the production of glass for various types of cars, which enables to produce the ‘tailored-made’ glass according to the wishes of customers, even for older vehicles. 

PERUN - prezentace průjezdu hlubokým bahnem
Picture: TRAAM bulletproof glass on the PERUN car | archive TRAAM

They have produced five thousand different armoured vehicles since its establishment in the sister company SVOS, spol. s r.o. which is used likewise by the UN, NATO, OSCE and many other customers in more than 60 countries. And all these vehicles were fitted with our own glass. “The TRAAM company is then able to cover all the needs of the Czech Armed Forces in the range of armoured glass, i.e. for the vehicles Iveco LMV, Dingo, Land Rover Defender, Toyota Land Cruiser or the Tatra armoured cabins,” concludes Ing. Štěpán Černý, the Sales Director of the SVOS, spol. s.r.o.  

 Author: Martin Šiška

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