Importance of light Multiple Rocket Launchers

Importance of light Multiple Rocket Launchers

Multiple Rocket Launchers represent one of the most interesting, and at the same time the most promising categories of combat equipment. They have been or are being deployed…

 01. 04. 2021
Options of New Self-propelled Wheel Mortars for the ACR

Options of New Self-propelled Wheel Mortars for the ACR

I have already dealt with tracked types of mortars in relation to the planned acquisition of self-propelled mortars for the Army of the Czech Republic. In addition…

 12. 03. 2020
What is the future of BVP-2 fighting vehicles in the Czech Army

What is the future of BVP-2 fighting vehicles in the Czech Army

The current process of new infantry fighting vehicle choice is probably the most discussed program of the CAF, or rather of Czech Ministry of Defence. However, whatever…

 13. 01. 2020
T-72 tanks and the Czech Republic

T-72 tanks and the Czech Republic

Having a look at present situation of the Czech tank force, it seems to be quite absurd to know that not long time ago was Czech, or rather Czechoslovak tank force…

 04. 12. 2019
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