Gen. Jiří Roček: My main priority has always been clear - people and personnel resources

Gen. Jiří Roček: My main priority has always been clear - people and personnel resources

The situation in the Military Police (MP) has calmed down and interpersonal relations have been straightened out. This is how Brigadier General Jiří Roček, who was appointed to his…

 08. 01. 2024
Jiří Protiva: We are coming up with new proposals on how to benefit the army by implementing our skills and abilities

Jiří Protiva: We are coming up with new proposals on how to benefit the army by implementing our skills and abilities

The state enterprise LOM PRAHA is one of the successful enterprises established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. For the third year in a row, its…

 27. 12. 2023
Jan Jireš: Russia is the most immediate threat to the security of the Czech Republic and our allies

Jan Jireš: Russia is the most immediate threat to the security of the Czech Republic and our allies

What threats the Czech Republic is facing and what needs to be done to ensure that the country's defence is strong and reliable are answered by the recently approved Defence…

 21. 12. 2023
Interview with Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

Interview with Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

This year many important events took place not only for our army. There were key changes in defence legislation, such as the law on defence financing (2% of GDP for defence) and…

 19. 12. 2023
Gen. Miroslav Hlaváč: Soldier should still have a decisive role

Gen. Miroslav Hlaváč: Soldier should still have a decisive role

The cooperation between the Czech Army and the Czech Technical University (CTU) is now in full swing after the signing of a memorandum in April. In December, the first…

 18. 12. 2023
Zbyněk Pavlačík: Our security is really not a given

Zbyněk Pavlačík: Our security is really not a given

Raising the awareness of the general and professional public about security policy and transatlantic relations - these are the main objectives of Jagello 2000. The chairman of the…

 11. 12. 2023
Pavel Švagr: Greater interconnection of the army, the Ministry of Defence and the ASMR is logical

Pavel Švagr: Greater interconnection of the army, the Ministry of Defence and the ASMR is logical

The Administration of State Material Reserves (ASMR) is the central state administration body for economic measures in crisis situations and for state material reserves. Recently…

 27. 11. 2023
Jan Kofroň: Defence is not something that concerns only a very small group of people

Jan Kofroň: Defence is not something that concerns only a very small group of people

The groundbreaking government document called the Czech Defence Strategy 2023 sets out what needs to be done to make our country's defence strong and reliable. At the same time…

 13. 11. 2023
Jakub Landovský: The NATO Military Council is unencumbered by political considerations

Jakub Landovský: The NATO Military Council is unencumbered by political considerations

The war in Ukraine, the war in Israel and terrorism - these are the three biggest topics on the North Atlantic Alliance's agenda at the moment. Its task is not only…

 30. 10. 2023
Gen. Ivo Střecha: I don't see the way in a robust quantitative increase in the army's capabilities, but in the completion of existing capabilities

Gen. Ivo Střecha: I don't see the way in a robust quantitative increase in the army's capabilities, but in the completion of existing capabilities

Lieutenant General Ivo Střecha served as the First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces until the end of July this year.Prior to that, he was the…

 27. 10. 2023
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