New Leopards 2 for the Bundeswehr and Norway – a promise for the Czech army in the future

New Leopards 2 for the Bundeswehr and Norway – a promise for the Czech army in the future

The Czech Army already has the first of 14 Leopard 2A4 tanks donated by the German government. This type of tank has also already passed the military tests, so in principle…

 03. 05. 2023
The Czech Army is building a system for information superiority

The Czech Army is building a system for information superiority

The ongoing war in Ukraine has brought a huge interest in unmanned aerial vehicles, which have proven to be extremely effective tools there. The media usually focuses…

 28. 04. 2023
Modernisation of wheeled IFVs Pandur II 8x8 CZ: 30 or 35 mm calibre? The Czech Army has long preferred the smaller calibre

Modernisation of wheeled IFVs Pandur II 8x8 CZ: 30 or 35 mm calibre? The Czech Army has long preferred the smaller calibre

"Another topic that resonates across the Army," General Stepanek, commander of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, said in a recent interview in response to a question about the…

 18. 04. 2023
The capabilities and capacities of the Air Defence need to be continuously expanded. The Czech Republic is still at ground zero, but late is better than later

The capabilities and capacities of the Air Defence need to be continuously expanded. The Czech Republic is still at ground zero, but late is better than later

When Jiří Hynek, president of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic, evaluated the recently held IDEX trade fair in Abu Dhabi, he said that…

 21. 03. 2023
Ballistic missiles are a challenge for the future Czech air defence system

Ballistic missiles are a challenge for the future Czech air defence system

The recent attack on the Ukrainian capital Kiev has once again shown that the need to design air defence not only against cruise missiles but also against ballistic missiles is more…

 26. 01. 2023
Modernization of Pandur II 8x8 CZ – the main attention will be paid to the weapon station or combat turret

Modernization of Pandur II 8x8 CZ – the main attention will be paid to the weapon station or combat turret

In its Milestone 2030, the Czech Army 2030 Build-up Concept envisages that the Czech Army Land Forces will modernize the existing and purchase new Pandur II 8x8 CZ wheeled armoured…

 16. 01. 2023
Self-propelled mortars for the Czech Armed Forces – single-barrel turrets on 8x8 wheeled chassis

Self-propelled mortars for the Czech Armed Forces – single-barrel turrets on 8x8 wheeled chassis

Although the acquisition of self-propelled mortars has not been much discussed, it is a project that certainly deserves attention. In 2018, the Army defined the need…

 08. 12. 2022
The TITUS armoured vehicle is completing its military trials these days

The TITUS armoured vehicle is completing its military trials these days

The Czech Army is currently completing military trials of the Czech armoured vehicle TITUS (Tactical Infantry Transport & Utility System). The demanding tests are designed to test…

 20. 10. 2022
We tried out the "Soldier on Trial" event for ourselves

We tried out the "Soldier on Trial" event for ourselves

Our editorial team had an exceptional opportunity to personally experience what the air defence work entails as part of the recruitment event "Soldier on Trial", which was…

 17. 10. 2022
Russia is mobilising. How many reservists can it call up?

Russia is mobilising. How many reservists can it call up?

The Russian army is carrying out a partial mobilisation from today (21 September 2022) on the orders of President Vladimir Putin. The reason, according to him, is the…

 21. 09. 2022
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