Gen. Jaroslav Míka: The price for the F-35 is the same for us as for the Belgians, Dutch or Danes

Gen. Jaroslav Míka: The price for the F-35 is the same for us as for the Belgians, Dutch or Danes

With the approaching deadline for the government's decision on the acquisition of the 5th generation F-35 Lighting II fighter aircraft, information about the need for them…

 21. 09. 2023
František Šulc: Building defence, like building security, is and must be a long-term process

František Šulc: Building defence, like building security, is and must be a long-term process

František Šulc has been the First Deputy Minister of Defence of Jana Černochová since January 2022. He is a journalist by profession and even received the Ferdinand…

 18. 09. 2023
Tomas Pojar: Russia can only be stopped by force

Tomas Pojar: Russia can only be stopped by force

Tomáš Pojar is the government's national security advisor. His task is to ensure cooperation and coordination of the activities of state authorities in the field…

 04. 09. 2023
Colonel Jan Mazal: Development of robotic systems has dramatically accelerated

Colonel Jan Mazal: Development of robotic systems has dramatically accelerated

The Department of Military Robotics at the University of Defence in Brno is a centre of educational, research and expert activities for the Czech Army. It supports…

 21. 08. 2023
Aleš Vytečka: Our cooperation with the Netherlands reaches hundreds of millions of euros

Aleš Vytečka: Our cooperation with the Netherlands reaches hundreds of millions of euros

For the past two years, the Agency for Intergovernmental Defence Cooperation at the Ministry of Defence (AMOS) has been helping the domestic defence industry to broker deals with…

 08. 08. 2023
Gen. Radek Hasala: I perceive the role of active reserves as very important, I bow to them

Gen. Radek Hasala: I perceive the role of active reserves as very important, I bow to them

The Military Office of the President of the Republic is a special unit of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. Its chief, Major General Radek Hasala, has basically two…

 26. 07. 2023
Vojtěch Petráček: We will be very active in CV90 programs even in case of F-35 aircraft acquisition

Vojtěch Petráček: We will be very active in CV90 programs even in case of F-35 aircraft acquisition

Cooperation between the academic community and the Czech Army has been a big topic especially in recent months. This cooperation is important and beneficial in the context…

 17. 07. 2023
Tomas Kopečný: Ukraine's reconstruction must start now

Tomas Kopečný: Ukraine's reconstruction must start now

More than 500 days have passed since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine. The Czech Republic was among the first countries to not only express support for Ukraine, but…

 10. 07. 2023
Jussi Halmetoja: The choice of aircraft is defined by the needs of the military

Jussi Halmetoja: The choice of aircraft is defined by the needs of the military

The Czech Air Force currently operates 12 JAS-39C Gripen aircraft and 2 JAS-39D Gripen two-seat trainers within the 211th Tactical Squadron in Čáslav. The aircraft were originally…

 03. 07. 2023
Petr Sklenář: The importance of the arms industry will continue to grow

Petr Sklenář: The importance of the arms industry will continue to grow

The performance of the Czech armaments industry is not only determined by its production capacity or the ability to procure increased quantities of necessary materials;…

 19. 06. 2023
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