Next year will bring a number of innovations to the Army

Next year will bring a number of innovations to the Army

Developing capabilities on the ground, in the air and in space. According to the plans of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, the main priority remains the…

 31. 12. 2021
Major General Ivo Střecha: We want an operational and efficient Army

Major General Ivo Střecha: We want an operational and efficient Army

The following interview with Major General Ivo Střecha, Director of the Force Development Section of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), published in unabridged form in the…

 28. 12. 2021
Mobile air defense systems

Mobile air defense systems

In October this year, a long-awaited agreement was signed between the Ministries of Defence of the Czech Republic and Israel on the acquisition of the SPYDER short- and…

 23. 12. 2021
Minister of Defence held talks with the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army

Minister of Defence held talks with the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army

On Tuesday, 21 December, the Minister of Defence Jan Černochová (ODS) had an introductory meeting with the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, General Aleš Opata…

 22. 12. 2021
Acquisition of the TITUS vehicle as a strategic opportunity

Acquisition of the TITUS vehicle as a strategic opportunity

Against the backdrop of important and well-known armament projects, such as the acquisition of new Infantry Fighting Vehicles, new artillery systems or Air Defence missile sets…

 20. 12. 2021
Faster pace of modernisation of the Czech Army is a priority for the new Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

Faster pace of modernisation of the Czech Army is a priority for the new Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

Yesterday, Prime Minister Petr Fiala inaugurated the new Minister of Defence, Jana Černochová. She has replaced Lubomír Metnar as the highest representative of the ministry. Jana…

 19. 12. 2021
Czech soldiers will not go to Poland to help yet

Czech soldiers will not go to Poland to help yet

Yesterday, Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar decided, after a meeting with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak, to suspend the process of approving the mandate for sending…

 14. 12. 2021
Interview with the Chief of the Military Police Gen. Murček not only about the evacuation of people from Afghanistan

Interview with the Chief of the Military Police Gen. Murček not only about the evacuation of people from Afghanistan

The Military Police (MP) has been mentioned in the media this year mainly in connection with the KAMBA unit, which played a key role in the recent evacuation of Afghan…

 10. 12. 2021
Government approves sending a Czech Army unit to help Poland

Government approves sending a Czech Army unit to help Poland

Today, Defence Minister Lubomír Metnar, together with Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhánek, submitted to the Czech Government for approval a draft mandate for a Czech Army unit to be…

 08. 12. 2021
2% of GDP on defence is an ambitious plan, but it is realistic, Jana Černochová says

2% of GDP on defence is an ambitious plan, but it is realistic, Jana Černochová says

Talks between the proposed ministers of the new Government of Petr Fiala and President Miloš Zeman should end at the end of this week. Among those who have already attended this…

 07. 12. 2021
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