Gen. Karel Řehka: My main and only goal is combat capability

Gen. Karel Řehka: My main and only goal is combat capability

The Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic, Lieutenant General Karel Řehka, in the presence of the President of the Republic Petr Pavel and the…

 23. 11. 2023
The last Leopard 2A4 tank donated by Germany has arrived in the Czech Republic

The last Leopard 2A4 tank donated by Germany has arrived in the Czech Republic

The last of the 14 Leopard 2A4 battle tanks donated in support of Ukraine has arrived in the Czech Republic from Germany.First Deputy Minister of Defence František…

 22. 11. 2023
Colonel Otakar Foltýn: Aggressiveness of the Russian Empire concerns not only Ukrainians, but also us

Colonel Otakar Foltýn: Aggressiveness of the Russian Empire concerns not only Ukrainians, but also us

Colonel Otakar Foltýn, an expert on international law and hybrid conflicts, who now works in the Military Office of the President of the Republic, recently visited Ukraine…

 21. 11. 2023
Czech Army buys RBS-70 Mk-3 Bolide ammunition

Czech Army buys RBS-70 Mk-3 Bolide ammunition

By 21 November, a contract for the purchase of 135 RBS-70 Mk-3 Bolide anti-aircraft cruise missiles (SAMs) intended for the RBS 70 and RBS 70 NG anti-aircraft complexes…

 19. 11. 2023
Special and support vehicles - an indispensable part of ground forces

Special and support vehicles - an indispensable part of ground forces

Discussions about the supply of equipment to the defending Ukraine are usually dominated by media-attractive types of weaponry such as tanks, missile systems, drones and…

 18. 11. 2023
Arrow 3 as one of the key components of the European Sky Shield Initiative

Arrow 3 as one of the key components of the European Sky Shield Initiative

One of the responses of European countries to the ongoing war in Ukraine is the creation of a common robust, multi-layered air defence. This idea, which Germany…

 15. 11. 2023
The draft budget of the Ministry of Defence: almost 50% goes to investments. Strategic projects continue

The draft budget of the Ministry of Defence: almost 50% goes to investments. Strategic projects continue

The draft state budget of the Czech Republic for 2024, or rather Chapter 307 - Ministry of Defence, which was recently discussed by the Chamber of Deputies Committee…

 14. 11. 2023
Jan Kofroň: Defence is not something that concerns only a very small group of people

Jan Kofroň: Defence is not something that concerns only a very small group of people

The groundbreaking government document called the Czech Defence Strategy 2023 sets out what needs to be done to make our country's defence strong and reliable. At the same time…

 13. 11. 2023
Today is Veterans Day, when we remember our heroes

Today is Veterans Day, when we remember our heroes

11 November is a day dedicated to the memory of the victims of war and honouring war veterans. Soldiers, politicians and the public commemorated these victims and participants…

 11. 11. 2023
Crew protection is the greatest advantage of the Leopard 2 tank

Crew protection is the greatest advantage of the Leopard 2 tank

At the end of last year, the Czech Army acquired the first Leopard 2A4 tank, this year more examples of the same variant are being added and representatives of the Ministry…

 09. 11. 2023
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