New System of Training Troops of the ACR

New System of Training Troops of the ACR

Technology is being modernized, new technologies are being developed and knowledge acquisition is being invested in. But without people – well-prepared soldiers – none of this…

 11. 03. 2021
Why Slovakia should not Forget about Drones Defence

Why Slovakia should not Forget about Drones Defence

Over the last few years, unmanned aerial vehicles have been increasingly used for a wide range of combat operations. Drones are used in the military for reconnaissance and gathering…

 07. 03. 2021
Czech Industry will Have a Significant Share in the New SPYDER Air Defence System

Czech Industry will Have a Significant Share in the New SPYDER Air Defence System

In the extreme case, the loss of control over one’s own airspace can also mean the loss of state sovereignty, with all the consequences for our security. Therefore, ensuring effective…

 06. 03. 2021
The Future of the Czech Supersonic Air Force: Gripen or F-16?

The Future of the Czech Supersonic Air Force: Gripen or F-16?

The Concept of construction of the ACR 2030 firmly counts on supersonic tactical air force and its ability to protect the airspace of the Czech Republic. According…

 05. 03. 2021
The Deployment of Members of Active Reserves will Be Decided Based on the Development of the Situation

The Deployment of Members of Active Reserves will Be Decided Based on the Development of the Situation

Since last year, our soldiers have been intensively involved in helping the unfavourable epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic in connection to COVID-19, in the…

 02. 03. 2021
Czech Companies Such as Ray Service Still Waiting to See How the Military Project of the New IFVs Turns Out

Czech Companies Such as Ray Service Still Waiting to See How the Military Project of the New IFVs Turns Out

Rheinmetall and Ray Service recently signed a cooperation agreement. In the event that Rheinmetall and its Lynx vehicle succeed in the competition for new IFVs for the Czech Army, Ray…

 02. 03. 2021
DAF will supply the Belgian Armed Forces with military vehicles on the Tatra chassis

DAF will supply the Belgian Armed Forces with military vehicles on the Tatra chassis

DAF has received a large order from the Belgian Armed Forces. The order comprises delivery and service of 879 all-wheel-drive CF Military trucks. Delivery of the first vehicles…

 01. 03. 2021
EXCALIBUR ARMY and PT REPUBLIK DEFENSINDO have signed an agreement on the production of rocket launchers in Indonesia

EXCALIBUR ARMY and PT REPUBLIK DEFENSINDO have signed an agreement on the production of rocket launchers in Indonesia

On Monday, February 22, EXCALIBUR ARMY company signed an agreement with the Indonesian company PT REPUBLIK DEFENSINDO about the production of the Czech RM-70 Vampire rocket launchers…

 24. 02. 2021
Withholding Five Billion Crowns may Jeopardize the Tender for New IFVs for the ACR

Withholding Five Billion Crowns may Jeopardize the Tender for New IFVs for the ACR

Just like before the end of the year, Lubomír Metnar again threatens to resign if the army does not get back the five billion crowns that remain to be transferred from the…

 24. 02. 2021
Strakonice Soldiers Getting Accustomed to the New Weapon

Strakonice Soldiers Getting Accustomed to the New Weapon

Last autumn, Strakonice soldiers acquired new weapons – air defence missile systems RBS-70NG. Immediately, six soldiers completed an instructor course at the manufacturer of these…

 21. 02. 2021
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