Slovakia Carries On with Efforts to Modernize 3D Radars

Slovakia Carries On with Efforts to Modernize 3D Radars

Recently, the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic announced that it has already received offers for the supply of new 3D radars from all approached countries. New…

 16. 11. 2020
Communist Populism Seeking Savings in the Defence Budget Is Threatening the Security of the State

Communist Populism Seeking Savings in the Defence Budget Is Threatening the Security of the State

The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia, with falling preferences and the poor result of the last elections, is grasping at the straws and tries to gain influence…

 13. 11. 2020
Czech Veterans Honoured with a Musical Tribute, Flags and a Library for This Year's Holiday

Czech Veterans Honoured with a Musical Tribute, Flags and a Library for This Year's Holiday

Although the Czechia is under enormous pressure due to the coronavirus, volunteer organizations helping veterans have stepped up their efforts to support war veterans and honour…

 11. 11. 2020
Czech companies to reap the benefits of Hungarian Lynx deal

Czech companies to reap the benefits of Hungarian Lynx deal

Rheinmetall Defence’s joint venture with the Hungarian government for the production of 218 Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) is set to significantly benefit the…

 08. 11. 2020
Unique Knife for a Unique Unit of the ACR

Unique Knife for a Unique Unit of the ACR

Today, November 6, is not a randomly chosen date. On November 5, 1944, the Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group fought at Dunkirk. Between the 4th and 11th November…

 06. 11. 2020
BVP-2 Vehicles Must Remain in Operation, the Army Is Buying Spare Parts

BVP-2 Vehicles Must Remain in Operation, the Army Is Buying Spare Parts

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the testing of the offered new IFVs has been postponed to next year. Our soldiers will probably have to depend only on BVP-2 for some time…

 04. 11. 2020
Military Doctors from the USA Have Arrived in the Czech Republic, Other Allies Will Help as Well

Military Doctors from the USA Have Arrived in the Czech Republic, Other Allies Will Help as Well

On Thursday, October 29, the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic approved a mandate for the stay of up to 300 military doctors and medical personnel from the NATO…

 01. 11. 2020
The EU Resumed Training in Mali with Immediate Effect with the Help of the Czechs

The EU Resumed Training in Mali with Immediate Effect with the Help of the Czechs

Following the decision of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) of the EU in Brussels, the activities of the training mission in Mali are resumed with immediate…

 25. 10. 2020
The Army Has Almost Finished the Backup Hospital in Letňany

The Army Has Almost Finished the Backup Hospital in Letňany

Most of the five hundred beds have been delivered to the backup hospital in Letňany, Prague. Intensive care units, laboratories, a computed tomography or X-ray machine and…

 24. 10. 2020
FUTURE FORCES FORUM 2020 was supposed to start today. It is postponed to April 2021

FUTURE FORCES FORUM 2020 was supposed to start today. It is postponed to April 2021

Today, the next edition of the biennial FUTURE FORCES FORUM (FFF) was to begin at the PVA EXPO PRAHA exhibition centre, including the Future Forces Exhibition, expert panels, and…

 21. 10. 2020
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