Army to buy spare parts for T 810 for almost 85 million CZK

 05. 03. 2022      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The subject of the framework agreement will be the supply of spare parts for the T 810 chassis used by the Czech Army, including special spare parts of military nature. The spare parts will ensure the operability of the above mentioned equipment, its maintenance and repairs. The continuous replenishment of spare parts to the cost centres is aimed not only at direct security of combat operations but also at replenishment of material intended for the creation of stocks.

The range of parts requested for the T 810 is really large, e.g. engines, radiators, drive axles, gearboxes, headlights, windows, mirrors, seats, protective frames, fenders, etc.

Picture: Tatras are among the reliable vehicles with which Czech soldiers have very good experience (pictured here is a Tatra T 810 in the service of the Czech Armed Forces) | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

The total financial volume of the supplies under the framework agreement will amount to a maximum of CZK 84 700 000,- including VAT. Tenders will be evaluated on the basis of the lowest total tender price.

The first 556 Tatra T 810 vehicles were taken over by the army in 2008-09, replacing the legendary Praga V3S, which was introduced into the army in the 1950s and served in large numbers until 2008. The T 810 is a three-axle military truck designed primarily for transporting people, materials and towing trailers both on the road and in difficult terrain.

The Tatra T 810 (flatbed) is primarily designed for transporting people, loose and fixed piece material or bulk material on a flatbed and towing trailers both on the road and in difficult terrain conditions. It is suitable for loading and transport by air transport (except C-130 and C-141) and for sea transport.

Tatra Tactic 6x6 2. generace (2)Picture: Tatra Tactic 6x6, 2nd generation | TATRA TRUCKS

It can be operated all year round in areas with environmental conditions classified according to STANAG 2895 - the whole of Europe, South Central Asia, Central and East Africa. For lower temperatures (from -25 °C to -32 °C), an additional device must be used - an independent water heater Eberspacher Hydronic D5WS, which is included in every vehicle, and engine oil of the appropriate viscosity class.

The vehicle has relatively good passive protection against the effects of hand grenades, anti-personnel mines and shooting up to 7.62 mm calibre. It also has the possibility of mounting additional armoured elements, central inflation of all tyres, protective frame, protection against electromagnetic reconnaissance means and special surface treatment for deactivation and deodorisation. The means of active protection include the possibility of installing a UKL vz.59 light machine gun in a fixed swivel mounted in the cab ceiling.

The Tatra T 810 (Tatra Tactic) is the second most used type of Tatra in the Czech Armed Forces, after the Tatra T 815. Some of the Tatra vehicles have been in service in our army for many years (e.g. Tatra T 815), therefore it would be worth considering, not only in view of the current critical situation in Ukraine, to replace the given military equipment with new types such as Tatra Force (T 815-7). The logistic and transport capacities of the AFU are as important as the combat equipment.

t815_TITPicture: Some Tatra vehicles have been serving in our army for many years (pictured is a T 815 8x8 trailer tractor) | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

The Army has already introduced the Tatra Force type into its armament in various variants and it should slowly become the backbone type of the logistics capabilities of the Czech Armed Forces. Last year Tatra Trucks already started to deliver chassis of this model series for special superstructures, for example vehicles for STARKOM system, for 3D radars MADR Elta EL/M 2084 or fuel tankers. Spyder anti-aircraft systems and Caesar self-propelled howitzers will also be installed on Tatra Force chassis. However, the army will also need conventional rollers, tank and armoured vehicle tractors, as well as engineer specials - pontoon carriers and bridge cars - and more. The fact that Tatra Trucks is a domestic manufacturer is a great advantage for the Army not only in terms of supplying new vehicles, but also in terms of service and spare parts. The army is thus not largely dependent on supplies from abroad, which can be a problem in times of international crises.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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