Overview of the New Knives in the Army of the Czech Republic in 2020

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A knife is a helper, a cult object, but also a weapon that is used in armies in contact battles or in the silent elimination of the enemy. The knife has an irreplaceable role in the armies of the whole world, and the ACR is no exception. Let’s get acquainted with the special and serial army knives, which were made in 2020.

The first knife to be introduced is a knife that was ordered in limited quantities by the 601st Special Forces Group of General Moravec in Prostějov. The knife named Valkyra was made by the cutler Richard Příkazský. The elegant outline of the dagger with a groove longer than the grind, is rather a rare find in the world. The cutler makes the grooves by hand, which gives these knives a unique look, but also very good penetration properties. The knife has a leather sheath allowing attachment to a tactical vest using a molle binding. The Valkyra knife is made of BÖHLER N690 steel and the handle is made of G10 material.

Picture: The Valkyra knife was ordered in limited quantities by the 601st Special Forces Group of General Moravec in Prostějov | archive of Richard Příkazský (with courtesy of the author)

Another knife is Charon. The name certainly sounds familiar. This is a knife that paratroopers get after two years of service and meeting all conditions. Charon is a knife that has been in the arsenal of the Chrudim airborne battalion since 2000. The knife was designed by Major Roman Hippík. The construction of the knife is loosely inspired by three assault knives - the Czechoslovak airborne knife VO-07, the Soviet reconnaissance knife NR-40 and the American assault knife of the Kabar Marines. As the spiritual father of the Charon attack knife is considered the current Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic, Army General Aleš Opata. The assault knife Charon was given three roles - an assault knife, a working tool and the status symbol of a paratrooper. The original type of Charon knife was made by the cutler Lubomír Maďarič from Brno. The new version of the knife is currently produced directly by the chaplain of the 43rd Airborne Regiment in Chrudim, Captain Milan Novotný together with several other paratroopers. Compared to the previous version, the knife is newly made of premium steel K-390, which guarantees the knife excellent retention of the blade with high toughness. Compared to its predecessor from 2000, the only difference is in the use of modern steel and the manufacturer.

Chrudim nůž Cháron
Picture: The knife Cháron was designed by Major Roman Hippík. The design of the knife is loosely inspired by three assault knives | archive of the 43rd Airborne Regiment, army.cz

Let us focus further on the knives that are made by cutlers, not factories. This time it is not a first-line weapon, but a gift item. The Tobruk knife, as the name suggests, was made by the cutler Jindřich Kutil for soldiers of the 25th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment from Strakonice. The task was for the dagger to evoke the shape of a missile, because the Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment is located in Strakonice. In the first series, 10 pieces were produced and are intended mainly for top officials of the regiment leaving their position, usually when changing command posts and their deputies. The last time this happened was recently during a change in the position, when the knife was given to the Colonel Jaroslav Ackermann. Tobruk daggers have a double-sided flat grind with a bezel and are of a mandrel construction with a threading. On one side, there is the unit’s crest on the ricasso, on the other is the service number of the soldier. On the underside of the guard, there is manufacturer’s mark and the serial number of the knife. Leather sheath with a belt hanger with the possibility of attachment to a tactical vest. The blade is made of AK5 56-57 HRC, the handle is made of brass and mahogany. The knife sheath is made of cowhide.

Nůž Tobruk pro StrakonicePicture: The Tobruk knife, as the name suggests, was made by the cutler Jindřich Kutil for soldiers of the 25th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment from Strakonice | archive of the 25th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment from Strakonice, army.cz

Another knife (a pair of knives actually) is the Kontos knife, which is manufactured by ANV Knives, and the Taurus knife, which is manufactured by Mikov. Both knives look similar. Major Roman Hippík took part in the development again. The knife by the ANV was created in a limited series for members of the 73rd Tank Battalion and in a limit 40-piece series for the public, where part of the proceeds went to the Military Solidarity Fund.

Picture: New official knife of the 73rd “Haná” Tank Battalion | archive of the 73rd Tank Battalion (with courtesy of the author)

The second mentioned knife, Taurus, comes in two variants. The first variant can be ordered by members of the battalion after submitting their affiliation to the battalion, the second type of knife is then intended for the general public. Knives that were made primarily for soldiers have a part of the tank pin incorporated in the design of the handle. Mikov then produced the Storm knife, which is a reminder of the Desert Storm mission and is the first knife from the “War Veteran” series, where part of the proceeds is also donated to the Military Solidarity Fund.

20201119_112620Picture: The sale of the new Storm knife will support the Military Solidarity Fund | army.cz

 Author: Martin Šiška

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