The Army buys 12 trucks for foreign operations of the Czech Armed Forces and emergencies on the territory of the Czech Republic

 22. 01. 2022      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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The subject of the recently announced public procurement is the purchase of 12 trucks with a side-transloader body for the purpose of long-distance road transport of containers on European territory and for the performance of special transport and handling tasks with containers in the provision of foreign operations of the Czech Armed Forces and states of emergency on the territory of the Czech Republic by military units designated for this purpose and stationed in Pardubice.

Picture: The Army buys 12 trucks for foreign operations of the Czech Armed Forces and emergency situations on the territory of the Czech Republic (illustration photo) | Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

Vehicles with a separate superstructure - ISO 1C container transporter (height 2438 mm, width 2438 mm, length 6058 mm) and ISO 1D (height 2438 mm, width 2438 mm, length 2991 mm) are required. The vehicles, including their bodies, should have a uniform green (khaki) colour (according to ČSN 5450 or RAL 6003). The side transporter (right-hand, telescopic version) must be able to load and transport one ISO 1C (including CC, CX) or two ISO 1D (including DD, DDD, DX) containers. Vehicles must be able to carry at least 2 persons. An elevated vehicle cabin with sleeper arrangement, equipped with a built-in refrigerator, equipment and storage of essential vehicle equipment (e.g. triangle, first aid kit, light bulbs, etc.) is required. The vehicle shall be capable of connecting a PANAV PV 18 LP trailer, which is equipped with a D50-X class coupling device in the armament of the Czech Armed Forces. Alternatively, the vehicle shall be equipped with other appropriate adapters (hitches).

The transporters must be equipped with automatic locks for securing the lower corner handles of containers with the driver's cab, shall include an optical positioning signal for the correct loading position for the driver of the rig and a cable-free remote control (EU standard) with all functions for loading and unloading control. It shall include additional pressure distribution plates under the support legs (hydraulically liftable chassis with a foot saddle designed for uneven terrain) in soft terrain, triple lining ropes (chains) with hooks for loading products certified by the transporter supplier, sized for the required container types.

The crane equipment of the side loader must be capable of loading and unloading the above-mentioned container variants with a maximum load capacity of at least 20 tonnes, with container weighing function, warnings and possible blocking of operations in the event of container handling hazards. The crane will also need to be able to load and unload the container to a second tier height - i.e. folding and loading the container onto a container standing next to it (on the ground). The crane equipment must be tested to a minimum load of 20 tonnes, which the contractor will prove at the acceptance by certification.

tatra_kontejnerPicture: A truck with a Tatra 815-7 Steelbro SB362 sideloader body for the Slovak Army at the assembly and service centre of the supplier, autumn 2017 | ContSystem

The delivery for each vehicle shall include 1 piece of removable transport platform (flatrack container) enabling the loading of materials and ground equipment, their fixing, handling with a sideloader and subsequent safe transport on a vehicle equipped with a sideloader on roads. The loading area of the flatbed shall be at least the size of the base area of an ISO 1C container (2438x6058 mm). The load capacity of the platform shall be at least 12 tonnes and the total weight of the load and the platform shall not exceed 20 tonnes.

4 of the vehicles should be delivered within 12 months of the contract coming into force and the remaining 8 vehicles should be delivered by 15 October 2023 at the latest. The economic advantage of the tenders will be evaluated on the basis of the lowest tender price.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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