The children of the military personnel are being taken care of. The Children Group project works already in the seventh crew.

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The Children Groups is a project of the Ministry of Defence to help the soldiers who have pre-school children. The project moved up a little bit forward again, and the seventh crew, where this group was founded, is symbolically at the 7th Mechanized Brigade in Hranice. You might read below how the whole project works and how the children are taken care of. 

“It is almost symbolical that the seventh children group is intended precisely for the children of soldiers and civil employees of the 7th Mechanized Brigade. I wish this group to be strong enough to fill expectations both the parents and its personnel,” wished General Šmerdová to all shortly before cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

Picture: All children and their parents in Hranice got a small gift on the first day |

The Agency for Professional Development and Promotion of Activities kept eye on foundation of the children group in Hranice. This agency is a guarantee of foundation and operation of the children groups of MoD. Members of the 7th Mechanized Brigade participated in founding the groups in all their phases, including reconstruction and modifications of the former pre-school building and the adjacent area, which the army has officially taken over from the municipality in this year’s April. “After the termination of activities of the former pre-school, we as a municipal council were solving what to do with this facility, and therefore we really invited the army’s idea to found a children group here. I am really pleased because starting from this day children’s laugh will again sound here behind this door,” said Hranice Councillor Pavla Tvrdoňová during the commencement.

Picture: Head of Group Romana Tomková acquaints General Šmerdová and Councillor Pavla Tvrdoňová with separate premises |

That’s all the information from official sources on commencement of the seventh Children Group. What are conditions for admitting, capacities and where are the groups placed? Only a child of a MoD employee in service or employee relationship might be admitted to the facility, if he/she is a legitimate representative of the child or if the child was commended to him/her to care which replaces a parent’s care by a decision of a proper authority. Not more than 24 children can be admitted to one children group. Currently, you could find the groups in Prague (two), Hranice, as well as in Tábor, Bechyně, Čáslav and Brandýs nad Labem.

deti_01Picture: The children from the Children Groups are being taken care of |

The actual price for the service per calendar month in case of regular whole-day attendance is 700 CZK, and for regular half-day attendance is 350 CZK, or for regular occasional attendance is 35 CZK per day of the contractual rendition of services. Additionally to this all, children of cause are provided with food similarly as in whatever other pre-school. There are children corners here, enough of enjoyment and, of cause, a background for sleeping and hygiene. So, it is a splendid benefit for the soldiers and civil employees with regard to the current price and lack of capacities of pre-schools.

Picture: The children from the Children Groups are being taken care of |

It is, thus, a very helpful step from the MoD party. By this, the Defence sends a signal that “we are not indifferent to you, children are no problem”, what is more than positive. A series of women military were earlier meeting with fleers and allusions regarding their future pregnancy. That was before. Nowadays the situation is rapidly turned round and it is clear that the army really walks in the correct direction in this field.

 Author: Martin Šiška

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