The demand for 4x4 vehicles for CAF will be put out to tender again

 10. 01. 2020      category: Army of the Czech Republic
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Too strict interpretation of some of required parameters is said to be the reason for cancellation of tender for 4x4 off-road vehicles for CAF. It was announced by Defence department spokesman Jan Pejšek. However, in case we have a look at whole range of preceding affairs, unrealized contracts or problematic tenders, it is also possible to interpret the whole situation another way.

Picture: Besides other things, new personal off-road vehicles should replace present UAZ 469B vehicles (in the picture) |

The Ministry of Defence cancelled the above-mentioned contract on purchase of up to 1200 personal off-road vehicles, means 4x4 cars, on 23.12.2019. The Defence department presumes to put it out to tender again with adjusted parameters. Jan Pejšek, the Defence ministry spokesman told that to ČTK. According to him, the reason for the two-billion contract cancellation was “too strict interpretation of some of required parameters” by some applicants. The formulation which may make laymen laughing, might be considerably confusing to tender-applicant companies.

Picture: One of the favourites of the competitive tendering to purchase of new personal off-road vehicles is for sure Toyota (Toyota Land Cruiser in the picture)

We don´t have a literal wording of the requirements, still, according to Pejšek, there was included for example stern observance of requirements to the vehicle painting. Therefore, we suppose that in the contract conditions there was precisely specified the colour, or colour combination which may had confused or even discourage potential tender applicants.

Thinking logically, it may be a green colour. Supposing it was strict shade specification by RAL colours Chart (RAL colours Chart is the worldwide recognized standard for a scale of colour shades used mainly in industrial production), or a combination of colours within a particular pattern. One colour would make more sense than a camouflage (for example model 95), besides that now when exchange of CAF camouflage pattern has been speculated about for a long time.

The Ministry is looking for the company to conclude the general contract for purchase of 600 to 1200 off-road vehicles with. It will pay for them from one to two billion of Czech Crowns, depending to number of ordered vehicles. The Army will decide on their final amount according to actual needs and money disposal.

Picture: A successor to obsolete vehicles UAZ and Defender may also be the proven off-road vehicle Mercedes-Benz G (in the picture) | Wikimedia Commons

Deputy Minister of Defence for Armaments and Acquisitions Filip Říha mentioned to ČTK in mid-December that the companies are quite a lot interested in participation in the contract. More than ten potential suppliers had inquired the ministry about the tender conditions detailed explanation. The spokesman Pejšek added: "We do presume to put it out to tender again with adjusted parameters so that we may choose from maximum amount of offers." Anyway, I wonder whether the tender for so needed off-road vehicles for our army will be accomplished in near future. Our soldiers would for sure deserve new vehicles and the obsolete UAZes and Defenders might finally go into deserved retirement and make for example military historical technology collectors happy.

 Author: Patrik Beran

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