Hearing the voice of former Chiefs of Staff is useful

Hearing the voice of former Chiefs of Staff is useful

On 30 October, retired Army General Jiří Šedivý gave an interview to CZ DEFENCE under the title "We must finally start buying entire weapon systems, not just aircraft or tanks…

 25. 11. 2022
Czechoslovak Group acquired a majority share in Fiocchi Munizioni, the world's leading manufacturer of small caliber ammunition

Czechoslovak Group acquired a majority share in Fiocchi Munizioni, the world's leading manufacturer of small caliber ammunition

Czechoslovak Group (CSG) announced the acquisition of a 70% stake in Fiocchi Munizioni, a global leader in premium and super premium small caliber ammunition. CSG will partner…

 24. 11. 2022
The defence of the country is not just a matter for the Army, but for society as a whole

The defence of the country is not just a matter for the Army, but for society as a whole

On Tuesday, the Command Assembly of the Army of the Czech Republic defined specific tasks of the Army, both in the short and long term. The Chief of the General Staff…

 24. 11. 2022
Tatra Defence Vehicle in Kopřivnice invests in its production capacity

Tatra Defence Vehicle in Kopřivnice invests in its production capacity

It is not only with the Russian attack on Ukraine that there is a change in thinking in Europe. The long-underestimated building of the capabilities of the armed…

 22. 11. 2022
Slovakia to receive first Leopard 2 A4 tanks in December

Slovakia to receive first Leopard 2 A4 tanks in December

In August this year, the Slovak Ministry of Defence announced that after weeks of intensive negotiations, it had concluded an agreement with Germany for the delivery of 30…

 20. 11. 2022
Government approves training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic

Government approves training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Czech Republic

The government recently approved a mandate for the Czech Army to operate on the territory of EU member states, in Iraq, Kuwait and Kosovo until 2024, and also agreed…

 19. 11. 2022
The need to "review the defence of the Czech Republic" is both legitimate and acute

The need to "review the defence of the Czech Republic" is both legitimate and acute

The government's programme statement for defence announces the intention: 'By 2023, we will update strategic documents (e.g. the Defence Strategy of the Czech Republic, the Concept for the…

 15. 11. 2022
Politicians, the Army and the general public commemorated War Veterans Day

Politicians, the Army and the general public commemorated War Veterans Day

Yesterday, members of the Army and the general public commemorated the War Veterans Day in many places in our country. In Prague, part of the celebrations were concentrated…

 12. 11. 2022
Arms industry companies of the Czech Republic and Ukraine will jointly produce military material

Arms industry companies of the Czech Republic and Ukraine will jointly produce military material

The Ukrainian state concern Ukroboronprom and the AMOS agency, which is part of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, today signed an agreement on the creation…

 10. 11. 2022
2% of GDP on defence is not a dictate of NATO, but of common sense

2% of GDP on defence is not a dictate of NATO, but of common sense

One of the latest legislative activities of the current leadership of the Ministry of Defence is an effort to push through a law that would stipulate that the Czech…

 10. 11. 2022
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