Interview with Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

Interview with Minister of Defence Jana Černochová

This year many important events took place not only for our army. There were key changes in defence legislation, such as the law on defence financing (2% of GDP for defence) and…

 19. 12. 2023
Representatives of the Ministry of Defence discussed details of CV90 for the Czech Armed Forces in Sweden

Representatives of the Ministry of Defence discussed details of CV90 for the Czech Armed Forces in Sweden

On 12-13 December, the first ever meeting of the CV90 Joint Steering Committee took place. It is scheduled to meet twice a year and is part of the trilateral contract…

 15. 12. 2023
Perazzi Acquired by Czechoslovak Group

Perazzi Acquired by Czechoslovak Group

Czech CSG Group, the global industrial-technology company owned by Czech entrepreneur Michal Strnad, announces the purchase of the majority stake in the Italian, family-owned Armi…

 15. 12. 2023
KVAČR 2035 wants to accelerate the purchase of engineer vehicles. Army wanted Australian Bushmaster, now updates market research

KVAČR 2035 wants to accelerate the purchase of engineer vehicles. Army wanted Australian Bushmaster, now updates market research

As part of the November meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence, the Vyškov-Dědice barracks presented to the MPs the elaborated Concept for the Construction…

 10. 12. 2023
Innovation ecosystems and the creation of new security capabilities

Innovation ecosystems and the creation of new security capabilities

The development of new security and defence capabilities is a key aspect of the modern world, where dynamically changing threats require innovative approaches to eliminate them…

 08. 12. 2023
The Defence Committee discussed modernisation projects for the "heavy brigade" and logistic support priorities

The Defence Committee discussed modernisation projects for the "heavy brigade" and logistic support priorities

During its last meeting this year, the Defence Committee returned to the strategic project for the acquisition of F-35 Lighting II aircraft, which has been approved by the…

 06. 12. 2023
Priorities of the new Slovak government in the field of defence and security

Priorities of the new Slovak government in the field of defence and security

The new government of the Slovak Republic received the confidence of the Parliament on Tuesday, 21 November, and nothing prevents it from governing the country for the next…

 04. 12. 2023
L 410 aircraft in the service of the Czech Army

L 410 aircraft in the service of the Czech Army

During November, Aircraft Industries, part of the OMNIPOL industrial group, handed over two L 410 aircraft to the Czech Army after a comprehensive upgrade and maintenance…

 01. 12. 2023
Training of Ukrainian soldiers until the end of 2024. Continuation of most foreign missions approved

Training of Ukrainian soldiers until the end of 2024. Continuation of most foreign missions approved

The Czech army will train soldiers from Ukraine next year as well. The Chamber of Deputies approved the continuation of training activities of the Czech Army within the framework…

 01. 12. 2023
Technological Trends to 2043 and the Creation of New Security Capabilities of the Czech Republic

Technological Trends to 2043 and the Creation of New Security Capabilities of the Czech Republic

A key element of the creation of real higher added value in a market economy is the implementation of innovations in market products (products, services). The source…

 28. 11. 2023
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